The Big 4 Personal Use Ebook

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Knowing Your Numbers 4
Great, So I Have to Learn Math? 5
Number One: Revenue 6
Types of Profit 7
Why Revenue Matters 8
Adding Revenue Streams 10
Number Two: Cash Flow 11
“Breakeven” 11
Having the Money When You Need It 13
Factors Affecting Cash Flow 13
Liquidation 14
The Quick Ratio 15
Number Three: Price Point 16
Value Proposition 16
The 1-5 Rule 17
Is Your Pricing Sustainable? 18
Offers and Deals 18
Tweaking Your Pricing 19
Number Four: Expenses 20
Conclusion 23

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Introduction: Knowing Your Numbers

Being good at business usually involves being able to wear many different hats.

Great business is about people skills and communication, planning contingencies, predicting marketing trends and it’s about coming up with new ideas.

One other aspect of good business (that is simultaneously among the most important and the most daunting) is number crunching.

I hear the boos now.

Like it or not though, business involves numbers and if you really boil it down, most business models are essentially just fancy equations.

If you are reading this report, you’re probably in one or two positions:

1. You’re new to business and you’re already starting to question whether it’s really for you.

2. You’re already running a business thinking that you can get by just find without looking at the numbers.

In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve been doing the latter, and maybe even without any problem.

It’s certainly true that a lot of business men and women manage to get by in business while hiding their head in the sand regarding numbers. As long as you’re generally in profit, there’s nothing to worry about right?

Well sure, if you’re happy to coast along in your business without making any big plans for the future, without preparing yourself for things going wrong and without making as much profit as possible… then yeah, you really don’t need to know a thing about the numbers!

The thing is, by just taking a moment to look at some key figures you could immediately increase your daily profits. Maybe even by a large margin.

If you ignore the numbers, you are basically ignoring the potential to make significantly more money. Are you really happy to just throw all that down the drain?

What’s more, looking at the numbers will help make you a better business person and it will help to set you up for long lasting success.

When you are more familiar with the numbers, you’ll be able to survive stiff competition, changing markets and office fires. Likewise, you’ll be able to plan for the future so you can grow and scale your business into something much bigger. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll be confident in your accounting so you can be sure not to get into trouble with the authorities.

If you ever decide to sell your business (or choose to go public), then you will have no choice but to learn this stuff.

At the end of the day, it’s useful for everyone and it’s the secret to being able to unlock massive profits with your chosen business model. On top of that – even if you’re not in business at all you can still apply your new knowledge to your personal finances or your current place of work.

Once you understand how the numbers work, you can see the cogs turning in any situation.

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