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5 Tips for Success.

· Eat Fruit and Vegetables with any meal; “other carbohydrates” only after exercise.

This is just another way of saying: Eat non-fruit and non-vegetable carbohydrates (including simple sugars, sports drinks to include starchy carb sources such as rice, pasta etc…) during and within hours after exercise only. Want to eat cake, pizza, sugar, etc? You can- just be sure to save them until 1-2 hours after your work-out.

You may be asking yourself if these carbs can make you fat. They won’t as long as you save them for your workout/post-workout period. The human body’s carbohydrate tolerance is best during and the first few hours after exercise, thus the majority of your daily carb intake should come during this time. Other times of the day stick to fruits and vegetables as your primary carb sources. Fruits and vegetables balance the bodies Ph levels better, produce smaller insulin spikes and manage blood sugar better.

· Eat Complete, lean protein with each meal. It’s very critical to eat protein with each meal. Typically 20-30 grams of protein per meal for women and men get 40-60 grams per meal. The benefit to this is to

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