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Table Of Contents

Introduction 4
Why Have Your Own Mailing List? 6
The Concept 8
Count Your Profit Centers 8
What You Will Need 11
Creating Your Own E-zine 13
Your Mailing List Profits Plan 13
Decide on the Theme of Your E-zine 16
Formatting and Writing Your E-zine Issues 18
Step-by-Step to Building Your Mailing List System 36
Create a Free Report 37
Getting an Auto Responder 44
Creating Your Lead Capture Page 45
One Time Offer 51
Your Thank You Page 53
Getting Targeted Subscribers 56
Advertisement Swapping 56
Participate in Give Away Ventures 57
Blogging 58
Buy E-zine Advertising Space 58
Buy Subscribers from List Sellers 59
Writing Articles 60
Use Traffic Exchange Programs 60
Pop-ups 61
Forums 62
List Your E-zine in E-zine Directories 63
In Closing 64

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By David Zohar


Welcome and thank you for investing in Mailing List Gold. In this guide, I will show you how you can:

• Create your own successful E-zine (or newsletter) where your subscribers are interested in what you have to say, and they have every darn good reason to listen to you.

With so many E-zines out there, you have to have an edge of your own. Forget the “standing out of the crowd” mentality. Because not only it is nearly impossible, I think that getting people to listen to what you have to say is more important, having looked that each of us can easily subscribe to any E-zine of our choice at the click of the button for free.

In this guide, I show you how you can have your own “fan club” or “cult” and they are definitely better than having just any sort of mailing list, because you would have people take your words rather than from someone else, even though the messages may be similar.

• Make your money from several ways possible with your mailing list!

I describe to you several ways on how you can make your money from your E-zine (your E-zine IS your mailing list). No, there are more ways of making your money other than just sending out regular endorsements to another product or service, though that is one good way of making your profits in a short period of time, and I mean literally hours from the moment you send out an endorsement letter.

• Get targeted subscribers into your mailing list by the truckloads!

How you can get subscribers whether you have a lot of money or not using ingenious concepts, some of them which you might have not even thought of!

You will also discover how you can find out your subscriber needs and if the subscribers are really your prospects in the first place without having to pay for a survey!

• Get repeat customers.

You cannot get far with just one sale from one person. I also show you how you can get more sales from the same group of customers just by making them feel special about your next offer!

• Create a system that does most of the chores for you!

I do not need to have a crystal ball to tell that one of the main reasons you want to start an Internet Business is that you want to have more time and more money. In this guide, I reveal the entire blueprint to a simple but powerful system that can be responsible for making sales for you while sparing you the time to do most of the unnecessary tasks!

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