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Email Open Rates, The Rise and Fall of Nations 3
It’s the simple power of the story 3
After all, what is a story? 4
To sell, you must also inspire. 5
All on the back of an amazing story. 6

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And we’re all guilty of doing this. I can almost guarantee that if you have an email address, you have hundreds of unopened messages rotting away in the deepest depths of your inbox. People mentally filter out emails, with a sort of deliberate blindness that develops over time.

But that’s not to say that it’s impossible to get attention. Some marketers enjoy very high open rates, even from jaded Internet veterans in spam happy markets like SEO. In fact, they manage to whip their readers up into a frenzy, to the point where they eagerly anticipate the next email.

They get them to such a state that they hit the refresh button over and over again, feverishly waiting for the next email to arrive. How do they do it? How do they create this addiction, where the reader can’t even sit still until they’ve read the next installment in what it basically a sales funnel?

They use a secret that captures and commands the reader’s imagination. It’s an ancient technique which has been used since before the dawn of civilization to captivate and transfix human minds. It has shaped our culture and society and has molded the destiny of nations.

Every great leader, every idealist, spiritual leader and dreamer since the dawn of time has used this technique. What is it?

It’s the simple power of the story.

No other weapon in all of man’s great arsenal has such a power to persuade and compel. If there ever was such a thing as an enchantment that a marketer could use to command the attention of their audience, then it’s a story.

By way of an example, let us consider the voice of God. Not the literal voice of God, of course. And not in a religious sense, either. No, what I’m talking about is Morgan Freeman.

Because if you were to ask any ten strangers what Email Open Rates, The Rise and Fall of Nations, and Morgan Freeman Every day, hundreds of millions of promotional emails go unopened. I’m not talking about spammy messages about magic or desperate messages from royalty who need help with a little international transaction.

the voice of God would sound like, the majority would say “Morgan Freeman.” Of course, Morgan has famously played the role of God in 2 movies (Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty.) But people have been identifying his voice as Godlike since before these films were made. Morgan Freeman has a truly distinctive voice. It combines so many characteristics – warmth, authority, compassion, gravity, charm and dignity. It’s truly amazing how he is able to express so many qualities indirectly. And, in many ways, this is how people imagine God’s voice would sound.

So it should come as no surprise that when National Geographic and Revelations entertainment set out to produce a new series exploring The Story of God, they wanted Morgan Freeman for the narrator. This Power Of Story-Telling

The power of stories is like an invisible tapestry that shapes the world we live in. Not all stories are as large and sweeping as the story of western civilization and religion.

But there’s a great story behind every great cultural movement, every trend and fashion, and even every Internet meme and viral video.

In short, people love stories. And if a story can change the course of a nation, if it can turn the tide of history, then it can surely open an email.

Think back to the last time you were spellbound by something you read, or heard, or saw. Seriously, take a moment to think about it. At that moment, the force which captivated you was the force of a story. Great artists, politicians and leaders are all people who have mastered the art of the story. And so are great marketers.

As I say, not every story is a sweeping epic. But even the small stories have the power to command. That’s why our society is hooked on celebrity gossip. It’s why we listen to rags-to-riches stories, even when we know there’s a marketing pitch coming.

And so I tell you, that if you have something to say in an email, and you want people to read it, then you need to learn to tell a story.

And you don’t need to be a great writer or artist to use the power of stories in your marketing. Because there’s a secret about stories that you need to know. It’s not your knowledge of words and language that makes the story compelling. It’s the story itself. A good story, told badly, will still captivate. A bad story told with the greatest artistry in the world will disappoint and annoy. To get people to listen to your marketing message, you just need to find the compelling story.

Any worthwhile thing has a good story behind it. And that includes any product or service. If there’s no good story, then it’s not a worthy product or service. series will explore creation and religion, miracles and resurrection, from all dimensions. It will cover articles of faith and historical fact, and air all points of view, from the deeply secular to the profoundly spiritual. Religion has had a huge effect on western civilization. The world we live in is shaped to a great degree by the stories in the bible, and even nonreligious people embrace the ethical principles which the bible brought to the west.

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