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Table of Contents …. 2
Introduction .. 3
Why Publish a Digital Magazine 5
Profit from Subscriptions .. 5
Branding & Reputation Building … 5
Free Advertising … 6
Revenue Sources …. 7
Subscriptions . 7
Email Marketing & Solo Ads .. 7
Your Own Products …. 8
Affiliate Products .. 8
Advertising Revenue .. 8
Sponsorship … 9
Content Sources …. 11
Getting Unpaid Writers .. 11
Getting Paid Content ….. 12
Producing & Publishing a Digital Magazine …. 13
Conclusion . 20
Resources . 21

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Reason #2 Branding & Reputation Building

You might want to use your digital magazine for more than just immediate profit, and that’s great, too. You could even offer your magazine free in order to use it for other purposes, such as branding and building a reputation within your niche.

Let’s say you’re looking to get into the weight loss niche. What better way to brand yourself as an expert in the field than to publish a magazine in it? Having your name as the author byline of articles within the magazine, publishing your own ads within its pages, and even putting yourself as the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine can all help build your reputation.

Reason #3 Free Advertising

If you have your own products, what better way could you advertise them than in the pages of your own magazine? Placing an ad in someone else’s magazine can cost thousands of dollars, especially if you take out a full-page ad. But if you publish your own magazine, you can advertise your own products for free. In fact, you’ll even be paid to do so if you charge for subscriptions or sell advertising to other people!
Having your own magazine will allow you to promote your products in a way that is very profitable, because you won’t have to spend money advertising your products, and you’ll also be given automatic credibility because you are the publisher of the magazine.

Revenue Sources

There are multiple ways to make money from your magazine. Let’s take a look at a few of the different ways you can profit from your own digital magazine.

Revenue Source #1 Subscriptions

Subscriptions are the most obvious way to profit. You can charge a monthly fee for your magazine, which might vary from $0.99 per month to as much as $5 per month, depending on your market. Some markets will be willing to pay more than others, but those markets that support high monthly subscription fees (such as business) are generally very crowded and competitive.

You can also charge a higher monthly fee for your magazine if you have a very unique take on your industry, or if you’re publishing in an industry with a decent demand but no existing magazines available.

Revenue Source #2 Email Marketing & Solo Ads

Another great way to make money from your magazine is to use it to build an opt-in email list and use that profitably. You can use this email list to market your own products, affiliate products, and other people’s products for a fee.

When you send a message out to your email list on behalf of someone who has paid you to do so, it is called a solo ad. If you have an email list, you can charge a fee (generally based on the size and/or responsiveness of your list) to send marketing messages to that list for others. This can be quite profitable, but if your list is responsive it is usually much more profitable to email about your own products or affiliate products for which you will earn a commission.

Revenue Source #3 Your Own Products

If you have your own products that relate to the niche of your magazine, Revenue Source #4 Affiliate Products Don’t forget that you can also advertise affiliate products within your magazine. One of the great things about digital magazines is that you can often embed media in them, including marketing videos and links. If you’re publishing your magazine in a format that doesn’t allow links, you can still promote affiliate links by purchasing a short, memorable domain expressly for each affiliate link and redirecting it to your affiliate link.

Revenue Source #5 Advertising Revenue

As you’ve no doubt noticed, most magazines are full of ads. In fact, many magazines are around 50% advertising and 50% content. These ads are accepted by the general public as part of reading a magazine.
You won’t get a lot of advertising revenue until you have a decent subscriber base, but once you have a decent number of subscribers, you’ll be able to start charging well for ad space in your magazine.

Revenue Source #6 Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a bit different than standard advertising revenue. Rather than simply renting a small ad space, you can rent sponsorship of the entire magazine.

Someone who sponsors your entire magazine would be featured at multiple points throughout the magazine. Such points could be:

• On the front cover

• On the back cover

• In the acknowledgements

• A strip at the top or bottom of each page

• A featured article (like an advertorial*) about the product or company

*An advertorial is an ad disguised as an informative article. Basically, the ad is framed within the context of actual, valuable information.

You don’t have to use all of these, or you could use others, but these are a few examples.

If you decide to allow sponsorships, be sure that you don’t run ads from any of the company’s direct competitors in the same issue at the same time. A direct competitor is one whose offerings are the same as, or very similar to, the company sponsoring the magazine.

For example, Pepsi and Coca-Cola are direct competitors, because they both sell soft drinks. However, Pepsi and Tropicana Orange Juice would not be direct competitors, because although they are both beverages, they are not significantly similar.

If you have any question regarding whether a company might be a direct competitor, it’s best not to run the potential competitor’s ad until after the sponsorship has ended.

Content Sources

You may assume that you’ll need to write all or most of the content for your digital publication, at least at first when your profits may not support paying writers.

Fortunately, in most markets it should be relatively easy to find people to write for you without upfront payment in exchange for advertising space, a byline or some other non-monetary compensation.

Content Source #1 Getting Unpaid Writers

For a writer who is looking to build a résumé and a name for himself, getting published in a magazine is a golden opportunity, even if he isn’t paid for his work.

Additionally, for someone who is looking to establish themselves in a particular market, what better way to do so than to become a magazine published author. This would give anyone instant credibility in a market.

Another reason someone might want to write for you is to promote their business or products. If you allow someone a brief mention of their product or service at the end of their article, it could be very valuable to them and allow you to get an article for your magazine without paying anything upfront.

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