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You’d think the above tips would be plainly obvious. Point of fact: The vast majority of web marking sites I’ve checked out look like they belong in a circus freak show. So do yourself a favor and strip your sites down to a crisp, clean, easy-on-the-eyes trust-building opportunity.

Deploy all of the above and amaze yourself with the resulting conversion boost. Pure and simple.

Hot Tip: For self-hosted WordPress users, I have found the s2Member plugin absolutely indispensable for creating Traffic Funnels. Amongst numerous other highly desirable capabilities, it can be configured to seamlessly collect leads completely in the background (via MailChi mp).

Granted, it does take a bit of work to initially get everything set up right. But once you’ve done it as many times as I have, it flows like clockwork; whereby providing a remarkably smooth end user experience.

Special Thank You Page Considerations

Thank You pages should not have any affiliate offer pitch whatsoever (except as noted below). Its sole purpose is to over-deliver real value and build rapport with your subscriber as the Go-To Girl / Guy within your niche.

It’s not so much the “what”, but rather the practical value of the information and resources you’re providing for your subscribers. Buyer resistance is rapidly reduced when you are always truly helpful, and never pushy:

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