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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Training Basics
Chapter 2:
What Equipment Do You Need
Chapter 3:
Start With Easy Commands
Chapter 4:
Moving On To More Advanced Commands
Chapter 5:
House Training
Chapter 6:
Make Sure To Use Rewards And Not Punishment
Chapter 7:
The Trouble With Not Training Your Dog
Wrapping Up

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Training basics require the owner or potential owner to understand the pet in order to come up with suitable solutions that will help create a happy atmosphere for both the pet and those around.

Training Your Dog

Chapter 1: Training Basics


There are many aspects to look into when trying to train a pet and the following are some of the area to consider and how to go about doing so:

Basic Information

• One of the main areas that is cause for concern and stress is toilet training the pet. Some pets are easier to train in this area than others. There are ways to explore when it comes to toilet training a dog and with a little research and a lot of patience, it is possible to find the best way that will suit both the dog and the owner well.

• Another area that is usually a cause for concern is how the dog behaves in any given environment. Some breeds adapt well to changes in their surroundings, such as noise levels, weather conditions, more people present and anything else that alters the usual immediate environment of the animal while others can be greatly disturbed.

• Training the dog to refrain from destroying anything and everything around is also another area that needs consideration. A lot of pet owners often complain about their belongings being damaged by their pets and they feel powerless in addressing this problem. Here to with some research into the matter, the owner should be able to come up with solutions in dealing with this problem in a rational and non threatening manner.

• Training a pet to accept a new addition to the family is also equally important, especially when there is an addition of a baby.

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