Loan Lord: What You Need To Know About Your Finances And Loans Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Loan Basics

Chapter 2:
Business Loans

Chapter 3:
Using Collateral Loans For Business

Chapter 4:
Using Payday Loans/ Car Title Loans For Business

Chapter 5:
Home Equity Loans For Business

Chapter 6:
The Importance Of Managing Loans

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Chapter 1:

Loan Basics


A loan is an advancement of money or something of value with the promise or a bargain struck between the parties involved to redeem the full sum with interest within a stipulated period of time.

The Basics

The interest is usually calculated proportionate to the sum borrowed and paid back along with the principal in segment for an agreed amount of time.

The terms and interest amounts are usually not negotiable and in most cases are quite high. However it is still the most popular means of acquiring something legally and legitimately where payment is not immediately completely covered.

The general calculation of a loan would be that, more is incurred the longer the period taken to pay off the initial sum borrowed, and even more will be added on to the agreed sum should the schedule of payment in place is not strictly kept.

Therefore any defaults will incur penalties that are in most cases even harder to make payments on.

Although banks are the most popular avenues from which to seek out a loan from there are also other lending establishments that function sole for the purpose of facilitating loan arrangements.

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