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Table of Contents

Introduction …… 8
Chapter 1: The Basics of an Online Course ………… 11
What is an Online Course? ………………. 11
Benefits of an Online Course ……………. 12
Attributes of a Successful Online Course …………….. 12
Is an Online Course Right for You? …… 13
Chapter 2: Creating the Perfect Topic, Learning Outcomes, and Course Goals …………… 16
Picking the Perfect Topic .. 16
Create Engaging Learning Outcomes .. 18
How To Create a Clear and Quantifiable Goal For Your Online Course ………. 20
Chapter 3: Engaging Your Target Audience and Preselling …… 22
Target Audience …………… 22
Creating a Customer Avatar …………….. 23
How To Engage Potential Customers and Build Buzz Around Your Online Course ………. 24
Preselling Your Online Course …………. 25
Chapter 4: Building Revenue from the Beginning .. 28
Create a High Converting Sales Page .. 28
Deciding on and Sticking to a Model …. 28
Charge Upfront …………….. 29
Certifications . 29
Additional Features ……….. 30
Preselling …… 30
Chapter 5: Choose The Right Online Course Platform ………….. 32
Best Course Platforms and Learning Management Systems (LMS) ……………. 32
Self-Hosted Online Course Site ……. 32
Hosted All-In-One Online Course Platform ………. 36
Chapter 6: Planning Course Content … 41
Multimedia Content Types 41
Videos …… 41
Worksheets ……………… 42
Visuals …… 43
Audio …….. 43
Research .. 44
Outline …… 45
Best Content Creation Tools …………….. 45
Video Recording Tools ….. 45
Document Making Tools … 48
Editing Tools . 49
Chapter 7: Creating Lesson Plans and Course Content ………… 52
1. Decide on the Media for Each Lesson …………. 52
2. Create a General Outline for Every Lesson ….. 52
3. Script out Every Lesson Word for Word (Optional but recommended) …. 53
4. Record or Make Content ………….. 54
Chapter 8: How to Launch 56
Marketing Tactics ………….. 56
Email Marketing ……….. 56
Social Media Marketing 58
Influencer Marketing ….. 59
Paid Advertising ……….. 60
Soft Launch … 60
Final Clean Up ……………… 61
Conclusion ….. 64

Sample Content Preview

How online courses work is that a creator uses their knowledge or experience in a particular topic to create lesson plans that are uploaded online. These lesson plans can include worksheets, readings, or video tutorials. They put these resources on a platform or website that potential customers can reach and then use.

Benefits of an Online Course

Online courses are beneficial for a number of reasons. They are beneficial to both the student and the creator. Here is why:

Online courses are beneficial to the students because it allows them easy access to more information. These courses can be used alone to further a student’s knowledge, or they can be used in junction with another class to help the student better understand the topic as a whole. More so, many online courses are free, which allows students to get an education without going into more debt.

At the same time, online courses are very beneficial to the creator as well. The reason for this is that many creators make money on their courses. On average, online course creators make between $1,000 and $5,000 a month on their online courses, but some creators make more than that. In fact, online learning is expected to reach more than $240 billion by 2021.

Attributes of a Successful Online Course

In order for the creator to make money off their online course, the course must have several attributes. Without these attributes, customers will immediately assume that the online course may not be worth their time or money. Here are the attributes of a successful online course:

● Quality Content: Online courses must have quality content. In other words, the content must be factually accurate and up-to-date. If the content is not relevant, students will not waste their money on it.

● Multimedia Use: Another attribute of a successful online course is the use of multiple media outlets. Since it is online, you have access to a number of different learning tools. And since there are many different types of learners, you should use a variety of multimedia tools in order to reach the most amount of students possible.

● Good Pacing: Successful online courses also have correct pacing. What this means is that the course needs to be structured so that way it is neither overwhelming nor underwhelming. You want to make the lesson sizes digestible but challenging at the same time.

● User-Friendly Setup: A user-friendly setup is another attribute of successful online courses. You do not want your students confused about where to go or what to do. Instead, they should be able to figure it out themselves because of the user-friendly setup.

● Self-Directed: The final attribute of a successful online course is that it is self-directed. What this means is that the student has to have enough space to be able to go at their own pace and learn the way that they see fit. The reason for this is that most online students are busy and need to be able to tailor the course to their busy lives.

Is an Online Course Right for You?

With this in mind, you may be wondering, “Is an online course right for me?” To help you better answer this question, here is a series of questions you should ask yourself:

● Am I passionate about a particular topic?

● Am I highly knowledgeable or skilled on a particular topic?

● Do I want to help other people learn about a skill?

● Would I still teach people on this topic even if I wasn’t getting paid? If you answered yes to all four questions, then creating an online course is right for you. Even if you are unfamiliar with online course creation or technological skills, do not worry. The rest of this guide is designed to help you learn key tricks to creating a financially successful online course.

Chapter 2: Creating the Perfect Topic, Learning Outcomes, and Course Goals

To begin creating a successful online course, you must come up with the perfect topic, engaging learning outcomes, and quantifiable course goals for yourself. Without these three things, your online course will lack direction, which makes it less successful and engaging for both you and your students.

Picking the Perfect Topic

The first step to creating an online course is picking the perfect topic. This topic should be one that you are passionate about, knowledgeable on, and in high demand on the market. If the topic fails to meet any one of these three criteria, then it is not the perfect topic. Here is how to decide on the best topic for your online course:

First and foremost, you must be passionate about the topic you are teaching on. If you are not passionate about it, that will be reflected in your online course. As a result, your course will be bland and boring. If you are not interested in the topic, how can you expect your students to be? Furthermore, if you plan on doing this type of business long-term and you’re not passionate about the topic, it will lead to burnout and unhappiness.

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