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{Undergoing eye refractive surgery or the performance of it by surgeons has achieved great results over the years. However, these days to make it safer for you, many innovations and high-level advancements in technology have been developed. These breakthroughs in science will give you and millions out there the more reason to trust eye surgery.|Microkeratome has since being used in performing laser eye surgery. The use of this device has recorded huge success in laser eye surgery. However, with the advent of modern technological innovations, femtosecond laser has been developed. This is now seen as a substitute for microkeratome. When creating flaps on your cornea, femtosecond is a better instrument. |How does the femtosecond laser works while a laser eye surgery is carried out on you? This is the likely explanation: flaps that are to be created on the cornea will need more accuracy to achieve hence; femtosecond laser will give this effect. Also, where holes are needed at a particular depth, this instrument will be used more accurately.}

{If femtosecond laser where used while treating you during laser eye surgery, the possibility of you not having halos is there. This applies also to other forms of aberrations that may impede your visions. Moreover, the expectations of the surgeon before using the instrument will more likely to be achieved at high degree.|Using femtosecond laser may be effective for you as a patient of laser eye surgery but for the surgeon or specialist, it has its drawbacks. Most ophthalmologists have not really mastered how to use this instrument. For others also, the instrument could be quite costly for them to acquire.}

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