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{So your kitchen has been that way for the past five years? Well, it’s definitely time to remodel it. Now don’t you run off thinking it’s some walk in the park or something, ‘cause it isn’t. remodeling your kitchen is a full time job that is going to take you a couple of weeks in the least, so you want to begin by proper planning, otherwise you won’t like the result. Didn’t they say “proper prior planning prevents poor performance”?|When you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you’d be far better of thinking of it as though you were building yourself a new house, only that it’s not going to be quite as dear. You want to consider pulling out a few fittings and putting in a few new ones because it’s the only way you can do it conveniently. Remember also that it is time and energy that’s going to be involved.|If you want a whole new kitchen, you don’t have to be considering building a brand new one. Why don’t you remodel the one you have already instead. Sure it might be a lot of trouble, but you know you are up to it… So, strap on your apron and put your back into it. Hey, what are a few weeks of hard labor if you can infuse your kitchen with another ten years of fresh life?}

{Money might be the most important thing you want to keep at the back of your mind if you want to remodel you kitchen. See, taking out the old things, and bringing in the new ones is bound to cost you quite a bundle, and you will do well to be prepared for it. I say you take a trip to the bank first, and be sure you ain’t gonna be sunk before you are done.|I kinda like one of those words of wisdom from the Good Book; something about setting your hands on the plough and looking back. It kind of applies to remodeling a kitchen. It is work more than what you had to go through the first time, putting the place together. Now it’s double because you are taking some things out and bringing others in. You’d better be prepared.|When you are tired of seeing the same ol’ pots, pans and kitchen utensils all the time, you know it’s time for you to be remodeling that kitchen. Chances are that by the time you are feeling that way, so are the bugs and roaches that have made home in the nooks and crannies too. Now you want to flush them out, and make the place all homey again.}

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