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{It’s a fact all over the world now that more children have the problem of obesity and other health problems that come with it. |No doubt about it, a very serious health problem facing children all over the world is obesity; and it comes with other health problems.|Obesity is now obviously one of the major health problems that children the world over have to grapple with.|All over the world, more children continue to suffer from the health problem of obesity. |As the day goes on more children all over the world continue to suffer from obesity and other resulting health problems. |Apart from obesity, lots of children all over the globe continue to suffer other health problems that result from obesity.|Most parents all over the world confirm that one of the biggest problems they have with their children is obesity.|Lots of parents have agreed that their children are suffering from obesity and other resulting health problems.|Gone are the days when children that suffer from obesity were few; today lots of children the world over suffer from it.|Among the many health problems that children have to grapple with, childhood obesity is now taking the front row. } {As a matter of fact, child obesity needs to be seriously dealt with.|As a matter of urgency, more needs to be done to check the monster called child obesity.|As a matter of extreme urgency, a lot more should be done regarding the problem of child obesity. |A lot more needs to be done by all and sundry as it concerns the issue of child obesity. |More needs to be done to curb this monster of child obesity all over the world.|It’s no longer enough to just talk about the problem of child obesity; more has to be done to nib it in the bud.|People shouldn’t continue to ignore the problem of child obesity; more has to be done and done fast to curb it. |In all truth, the dangers of child obesity should encourage everyone to do all they can to curb it.|If parents knew the exact risks their obese children put themselves to, they will do a lot more to deal with the situation, not ignore it.|Those that have obese children and don’t take it seriously will be surprised to learn of the dangers of the condition.ity, many will listen and NOT eat what you say they shouldn’t. }

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