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Thank you for buying this WSO, you are now on your way to creating (possibly your first) Kindle book. This course like every other requires you to take action, making a kindle book is not hard it is actually one of the easiest ways to make a great income online and the best thing is that it isn’t going to become overcrowded! Why? Simple, Amazon books are now selling more in the UK, where I am from, than hard copies. Kindle is revolutionary and because of it millions of people are buying digital copies of books!

Before I go on and I’m not going to blab my life story, trust me! It is absolutely vital if you want to succeed that you take action! Only 5% of people reading this will and they are the ones who will succeed. I urge you to, as you read each module, try it after. I have made this in a way that you can copy me after each step, so please do!

You could have your first amazon book made within the next 3 hours! Now this is where you choose what route you want to take, with my methods there are three main kindle routes:

1. Fiction

2. Non-Fiction

3. Recipe Books

You might have an idea in your head but please read my quick summaries on each for an idea of work involved, possible costs, long

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