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Introduction 2
Introduction 2
Creating Your Accounts 4
The Platforms 5
Earn Interest From Staking 7
Earn Interest From Lending 11
Earn From Copy Trading 13
What Are ICOs and how you can benefit from them 15
What is Yield Farming and how you can benefit from it 18
What are DeFi projects and how you can benefit from them 20

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Earn Interest From Staking

Hello and welcome back to our next lecture from this course. In the previous lecture we have discussed the platforms that we are going to use in order to apply the free methods of earning passive income from cryptocurrency and we have seen that these platforms are BITFINEX, BINANCE, ICONOMI, BitMax and Nexo. There are other platforms out there as well, but these are the ones that we are going to show you exactly how you can use them to actually apply these methods. And we are going to start with the first method and we are going to show you on each of the platforms where you can apply these methods how it works.

● And the first method that we have discussed and that we want to show you is After you do the account creation, the verification, what you need to do in order to start using the staking type of service, you need to deposit some money into your BITFINEX wallet. Basically, BITFINEX is a platform where you can actually deposit money like Euro, USD, or Pounds in order to buy cryptocurrency, it works also like an exchange if you want to work in trades also, between Bitcoin and US dollars, so you can buy cryptocurrency and you can exchange them between them on this platform, so you don’t need to buy the crypto from somewhere else and then exchange it into crypto and move it on BITFINEX. You can actually do that directly here on the platform. So after you login, you are going to see that in the top part of the screen in the menu where you are going to have an icon which says wallet option in the menu you are going to go on the deposit function and in the deposit function you can select as you can see payment cards. So basically you can fund your wallet from bitfinex with your card. You can pay with your card and just have to go to payment cards you select one of the services basically they allow you to buy directly from euro or USD or other currencies, Bitcoin, USDt which is a tether USD, Ethereum front, we recommend you to buy tether USD because from tether USD basically you can buy all the other major coins. And you have to check which of the payment processors you are going to go with because they are going to take your small fee, it’s either one to free percent it depends. So, that’s how you find your wallet. Now, after you have some money in your wallet, what you can do is go in the more section and into staking rewards and check out what staking offers they have at the moment. We have basically opened a new window, we are not going to go into a lot of details about what staking means. Staking means basically putting those cryptocurrencies that you have for example, the aetherium or others to work with more cryptocurrencies and it will generate like early work. So, basically they will be part of your coins and will be part of bigger projects or bigger work and they will generate early work because they are the platform that is using them for that and if you are going to scroll down, you can see that you can deposit for staking and you can calculate your potential rewards for different types of cryptocurrencies. For example, we want a Polkadot which is a very popular cryptocurrency at the moment. And it will show you that basically, the equivalent in dollars of a Polkadot is $34.66. So, the yearly rewards for one Polkadot in staking is 2.43 USD dollars, which means that it’s around 7% per year if I’m not mistaken, 7% per year. So it’s not a lot but obviously, it’s earning its passive income. And if we are going to scroll down you can see basically all the earnings for the major cryptocurrencies. And for Ethereum, it’s one of the best estimated annual staking rewards up to 10%, for Polkadot exactly as we estimated around 7%. So 10% is not bad at all.

Basically, this is passive income, you just think about it, if you put your own money or cryptocurrency in the bank, you have maximum per year, maximum maximum, and that’s if they have different special offers maybe 2% 1.5%. that’s the maximum. And if you take into consideration the inflation as well, I know a lot of people are talking about that, but it’s something real. You might not actually earn anything, you might actually maybe even lose, or something like that. So stalking it’s much more lucrative as a passive income than returns or dividends from the bank or other types of institutions. Obviously, it’s a little bit more risky, but with the major platforms, it’s very similar to banks and other other institutions as well. So, this is how you earn from staking and obviously, do your own research. Before actually going into this we want to do just to show you how this works.

● Now, another platform where you can do staking is BINANCE. And in BINANCE, it is very similar to BITFINEX. In terms of how it works, you will see that you have a wallet as well, you just click on the overview button of the wallet, you just click on deposit, and you can buy crypto with your credit card.

It’s as simple as on BITFINEX. You buy crypto with your credit card. And then if you are going to go to finance. In the menu, you will see Binance Earn, you just click on Binance Earn, you are going to see that you have some type of earnings here. And if we are going to scroll down to fixed terms, you’re going to see staking, and if we click on staking, we can see what we have for staking. We have more and here we can see all the offers that we have for staking, it’s with a fixed term, I mean, you put your coin, your coins for example, near you put your coins in there, and you lock them for 40 days and the estimated annual earning interest is 10.79. Obviously, you will get probably 40 days, around 1%, almost 1%. So if you’re going to have 100 near, you’re going to have 101. Also, some platforms have compound interest rates, which means you can reach higher returns. They add the earnings every day and then they calculate the whole earnings. And if you scroll down, you can see all the staking offers that they have. So it’s easy, as you can see, it’s not complicated at all.

● Now another great platform that you can use, and we are going to finish with the staking it’s BitMax. And if you’re going to go on BitMax, again, similar, you can go to your asset, you just click on a deposit and you see what you can deposit here. Basically, to deposit on BitMax, you first have to buy from somewhere else. You cannot just pay with your payment card or something like that, you have to buy the crypto from somewhere else. Or just go to the flat payment. I mean, you don’t have it directly in your wallet, you just go to the flat payment and you have a bank card payment. And you can use two providers. And basically from here you can make the switches. It will take a 2% fee rate and we just buy the coins that you want. And after that, because that’s what we want to show you is the staking, BitMax offers a very good staking program. They have plenty of opportunities here as you can see Polkadot is better and if you scroll down, you can see other projects as well.

Can see they have many projects. And for some of them, it’s very, very good staking rewards. Very good. So just check it out. BitMax, it’s one of the best for staking rewards. So that’s about all it’s staking.

Thank you very much for watching this lecture and we are looking forward to seeing you in the next lecture where we are going to discuss the lending function. Thank you again.

Earn Interest From Lending

Hello and welcome to our next lecture from this course on how to create passive income from cryptocurrency. In the previous lecture we have talked about staking and which are the platforms where you can do staking with a good margin of profit.

And now in this next lecture, we are going to talk about where you can earn passive income by lending your cryptocurrency. Basically, you find your wallet on the platform with your cryptocurrency if Ethereum, Bitcoin or even which are USD or Euro or Pound. And you can lend them just like peer to peer lending and you can get some very good rates.

● So the first platform we are going to check out, it’s BITFINEX and you already know what it looks like when you have logged into your dashboard. This is like the main dashboard. A lot of numbers here. And we have a wallet where you can deposit, withdraw, wallets, reports. This is not so important. But if we go in the left side, we have the funding which has funding and lending pro and we have the more section where if we are going to scroll down in the menu, we are going to see the lending products. If we are going to click on the lending products, we are going to see all the currencies available for lending. And we can see here a few of them. And we just have to check our balances and see what we can deposit in order to lend. For example, here we have ZRX, if we check ZRX has 3.45% per year return. So if we put this 22.97, if we deposit them in the lending account at the end of 12 months, we are going to get back. This amount, plus another around four zero. So it’s a decent percentage. Then we have the lending pro function, which is a little bit more advanced, and if you are going to check the lending pro function. Just bear with me for a couple of seconds. Reloads let me just refresh it. So this is the lending pro function where basically you search, you can basically check here the currencies that you can lend and you can see the rates based on the rate.

Basically, here is what you have to do here, you compete with other people on the rates that you offer in return. So you give an amount and you compete with other people which can basically lend money, as you do as well, and for example, if we take the USD dollar, the average return per year is 27.96% and in 24 hours, you have 87.23%. So it’s a very good rate, if you think about it on more stable platforms or on more custodian platforms which are regulated by a lot of institutions. And it’s not like a free market for lending, you are not going to see these types of rates. Obviously, this fluctuates all the time because people compete with each other. How to lend and to whom to lend.

For ETH, let’s see, where do we have it, we have 5.43% which is not a great one. So this is another aspect of BITFINEX, some other tool from them that you can use and for which you can get pretty good results overall. As you can see, you get some good results on some of the currencies, for Japanese Yen, 22.27% OmiseGO, 26.74, so pretty good rates.

● Now another platform where basically you can lend is Nexo, which is a custodian platform regulated by modern institutions. It’s basically it’s back to being short by a bigger institution. And what you can see here, we have earned up to 12 percent on your idle assets, which is a decent number. So if you are going to scroll down. What we can see here? We can see the percentages in Euro up to 12 percent. Bounce 12 percent. USDT, which is basically U.S. dollar, but in crypto, 12 percent. So very, very good rates, these are stable rates. These don’t go up and down. Just top up your account and that’s how it works. With an account, you have a minimum of one thousand, for example, Euros. Here and at the end of the year, you will have an extra one hundred and twenty euros. This is how this works. Pretty, pretty simple and another good part about Nexo, you can earn dividends, 30% dividends from Nexo, which is again, great. Because if you buy Nexo tokens, you will basically buy a staking in the company. You earn 30%t dividend, obviously, according to how much next year it’s on the platform, 70%, they reinvest in the platform into developing it and earning even more. It’s a pretty good deal, we think.

So these are the two platforms that we recommend for lending. Obviously there are many others out there, but these are the two ones that we recommend. Thank you very much for watching. And we are looking forward to seeing you in the next lecture.

Earn From Copy Trading

Hello, and welcome back to our next lecture from this course, on how to use cryptocurrency to earn passive income. The last method that we are going to talk about is basically copy trading, which means to copy what other professional traders do or not necessarily professional, but other traders who maybe do this better than you. Or if you’re not into trading, basically, you can copy what other people who are trading do. And we have two platforms where you can do that, one of them is ICONOMI and one of them is BitMax. BitMax you have seen before has a very, very good verified stacking type of service offering and ICONOMI is a platform where actually this is what you are doing, it’s focused on copying traders, or copy trading. Now, copying traders is not something it’s not like our financial advice, we do not give financial advice whatsoever. It’s up to you however you want to invest your money, obviously, or if you want to copy other traders or trade yourself or anything like that, we are just going to show you how you can do that. And what we are looking for, but it’s up to you, it’s your decision how you want to do it.

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