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Table of Contents

Introduction … 5
Chapter 1: How To Choose A Kettlebell ….. 9
Chapter 2: The Benefits of Kettlebell Training ….. 13
1. Achieve Better Form …. 14
2. Improves Core Strength ….. 15
3. Boost Athleticism … 16
4. Easy Portability 17
5. Lowers Body Fats … 18
6. Improves Posture … 19
7. Inexpensive ….. 20
8. Gaining Strength Without Bulk ….. 21
9. Comfortable To Use ….. 21
10. Quick Workout ….22
Chapter 3: Common Kettlebell Mistakes . 24
Mistake 1: Opting For A Heavier Weight … 25
Mistake 2: Generating Force By Using The Upper Part Of The Body . 26
Mistake 3: Swinging The kettlebell Too Fast .. 26
Mistake 4: Focusing On Quantity .. 27
Mistake 5: Putting On The Wrong Running Shoes ….. 28
Chapter 4: Remedies To Common Mistakes During Kettlebell Exercises .. 31
Chapter 5: Ways To Use Kettlebells … 36
1. Warm-ups ..36
2. Doing Full Body Workouts. 37
3. Set A Circuit …. 38
Chapter 6: Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners …. 40
1. Kettlebell Swing ….. 41
2. Turkish Get Up .43
3. Kettlebell Windmill ….. 46
4. Single Leg Deadlift . 47
5. Kettlebell Goblet Squat ….. 48
6. One-arm Overhead Press .. 48
7. Kettlebell Deadlift . 50
8. Kettlebell One-arm Row … 50
9. Kettlebell Goblet Half Get Up .. 51
10. Kettlebell Halo …. 52
11. Kettlebell Clean … 53
12. Kettlebell Pistol Squat ….. 55
13. Kettlebell Jerk ….. 56
Chapter 7: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level Kettlebell Workout Plan . 60
Beginner Level Kettlebell Workouts …. 61
Intermediate Level Kettlebell Workouts … 62
Advanced Level Kettlebell Workouts .. 64
Chapter 8: Tips And Tricks To Use When Performing Kettlebell Workouts .. 67
Tips You Need To Perform The Kettlebell Swing 67
Tips On How To Perfect The Single Leg Deadlift ….. 68
Conclusion …. 69

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Chapter 2: The Benefits of Kettlebell Training

There are so many benefits that you get to enjoy by performing kettlebell workouts. One thing that is important to note is that kettlebell training offers a unique combination of benefits from strength exercises and cardio. As mentioned earlier, kettlebell workout is more unconventional and quite resembles a cannonball with a handle attached to it. You can use it to build your strength, agility, boost balance and endurance while at the same time burn fat.

Kettlebell exercises often feature a wide range of lifts and swings. The good thing is that the training tool is quite flexible and can be used for a broad range of intense training exercises. Therefore, if you need a hybrid system for both strength and cardio, the kettlebells are your best option at creating workouts that are not only effective but also time efficient.

So, if you are still weighing whether or not to ditch those conventional dumbbells for something that will be worth your while, here are some of the benefits that you do not want to miss when you choose the kettlebell training;

1. Achieve Better Form

One of the main things that distinguish a kettlebell from a d usually lies on the offset nature of the load. This is mainly because the center of gravity of a kettlebell is about 6-8 inches away from your grip when you are holding the handle, and this is what makes it quite difficult to control.

Because of this, every exercise that you perform ranging from conventual strength movements to more unique kettlebell exercises such as swings, you are going to need a strict form and increased activation of the muscles than you could get from using dumbbell.

Let us consider an overhead press. In this case, one of the funniest things when using dumbbell is the fact that so many people are just as happy to press at the point where their elbows are bent at a right angle. However, with kettlebell, the first instinct is to press up to lockout. This is mainly because the offset load serves as a counterweight that plays a critical role in pulling the shoulders back.

In other words, the kettlebell plays a significant role in encouraging you to perform each exercise optimally and perfectly. However, if you cannot, for instance, you end up arching your back or twisting to one side when trying to complete the lift, then you most certainly know that your form is broken.

When you squat with the kettlebell held in front of your body, this causes you to sit back, and this improves the mechanics of your squat patter tremendously. This in effect paves the way for you to progress to more advanced exercises seamlessly when you get stronger.

2. Improves Core Strength

When you press a kettlebell overhead, you are simply causing your ribs and back to flare. This means that you have to lock your core as much as possible to balance your posture. When you are in a swing, it is critical that you brace your core to prevent your lower back from dangerously rounding at the bottom of the movements. Therefore, for each exercise you perform, the good thing is that you can count on your core firing harder with the aim of stabilizing your body and ensuring that your safety comes first.

3. Boost Athleticism

If you are an athlete, one of the major benefits of incorporating kettlebells in your workout routine is the fact that you gain a greater grip strength. This is mainly because the kettlebell handle together with the displaced load needs your hands, fingers, and forearms to work together for total control as compared to using a dumbbell.

While so many manufacturers prefer thick handles, one thing that you have to understand is that when you use a narrower handle, you are making it quite easy to perform complex movements. This increases your training options.

Because grip strength is much more significant than in most sports as well as gaining overall strength, kettlebell has the opportunity of boosting your cardiovascular endurance. kettlebell exercises often incorporate the whole body and workouts as the press, snatch and clean involve lifting weights right from the floor to over the head. This ensures that the muscles across the body are worked well and these motions create a huge demand on the heart. As a result, so many athletes employ the use of kettlebells as a strong pillar of their workout programs.

4. Easy Portability

Just like exercise bands and suspension trainers, kettlebells are quite portable and easy to bring them with you on travel. This is because they will not roll around in your car as dumbbells do. They will not look out of place when you bring them to the beach with you.

Additionally, unlike the dumbbell, you only need one kettlebell for you to have a great workout. This is because, with just a single kettlebell, you can engage in a large number of exercises, unlike the dumbbell that you mostly need at least a few selections of them to do your regular workouts.

If you intend on working the entire body, you can choose to bring two kettlebells. The truth is, if you have a single kettlebell at the corner of your room or the back of your car, you pretty much have a portable gym.

5. Lowers Body Fats

So many people desire to shed off a few pounds and hence weight loss is one of their major fitness goals. The good thing with kettlebell training is that you can achieve this easily. The main reason for this is the fact that kettlebell training integrates a large number of high-intensity workouts that allow the body to burn as much fat as possible.

While so many weight loss programs take too much time and effort to achieve the desired body weight and physique and end up becoming boring overtime, kettlebell training is quite the opposite. This is mainly because it serves as an exciting alternative to your average routine workouts because they keep you focused and boost your metabolism rate.

It is highly recommended that if you intend to lose weight using kettlebell training, you integrate a high repetition compound movement exercises in every session. Some of these exercises may include reverse lunges, kettlebell swings and shoulder presses. The most important thing is to ensure that you do not have rest times in between.

6. Improves Posture

One of the things with the human body is that as we age, our posture gets compromised. However, the good thing is that you can make sure that you control the effects of aging by incorporating kettlebell training into your workout routine. This is because, according to research, there is evidence that kettlebell Page | 20

exercises can improve posture and counter the effects of modern-day lifestyles.

While working out, it is very common for postural muscles to be neglected. But with kettlebell training, you can see results faster and improve your posture. Do you know why this is important? Well, an improved posture helps you look leaner and boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

7. Inexpensive

Kettlebells are cost effective. When you buy the right kettlebell, you can be sure that they will last a lifetime and you will not need to incur another cost of replacing them frequently.

For most beginners, getting a single kettlebell that is made from solid metal can last so many years. Moreover, kettlebell training does not need you to be in specialized footwear like other workouts, and this ensures that you save money that you would have otherwise spent purchasing an expensive pair of workout shoes. Page

8. Gaining Strength Without Bulk

Did you know that most women who work out possess a common desire to build their strength without necessarily having a bulky appearance of a male bodybuilder? Well, with kettlebell training, the main aim is not to increase the muscle mass but to boost strength without having that bulky appearance.

This is mainly because when you integrate the kettlebell exercises to your training program, you are essentially incorporating full body functional movements. These movements play a central role in simultaneously targeting many muscle groups across the body. If you have any special needs, it is advisable that you speak to your trainer so that they can design workout routines that satisfactorily meet these requirements.

9. Comfortable To Use

Unlike the dumbbells that have a high chance of straining your arms and other workouts that put you at risk of injuries, kettlebells are very comfortable to use. This is mainly because they do not pull the muscles across the body too hard. Their weights rest comfortably in your forearms without weighing them down and causing fatigue. This explains why women prefer using kettlebells than other weight lifting exercises available.

10. Quick Workout

Most of us do not have enough time to sign up and hit the gym. However, this does not mean that there are no workout exercises that will help you keep your great body in shape. Kettlebell exercises are perfect for you, and you can do them at the comfort of your home, office or any other place that you are comfortable with.

Kettlebells target so many muscles in the body, and this means that you do not have to spend so much time on other workouts that only target one body part at a time. This is exactly what makes kettlebell trainings a brilliant solution for people who have busy schedules like moms. Best of all, you can perform these workout exercises with minimal supervision. Page | 23 Page | 24

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