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I’d like to take a moment and thank you for investing the time to read this ebook. I hope you will find it useful and that it will help you in your efforts to build a list for your online business.

I have attempted to include all the knowledge and resources that you will need to build your list by participating as a contributor in JV Giveaway events.

There are other ways to build your list but this is one of the easiest and most affordable ways. It is definitely the best way for a newbie to build a list quickly.

I am by no means an expert or guru but I do have some practical experience and my mentor, Alex Jeffreys, as an advisor. Alex personally told me that using JV giveaways is the best option I have, as a beginner, to build a big list in a short amount of time.

I have managed to build a list of over 600 subscribers in less than 6 weeks time by participating as a contributor in JV giveaways. So, you see, it does work.

Alex continues to show me how to create a business online and I am keeping an online journal of my efforts and strategies on my blog at JTMartin.net. This is my first attempt at writing an ebook and I would greatly appreciate your honest appraisal.

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