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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Healthy Juicing Basics
Chapter 2:
Advantages of Juicing
Chapter 3:
Juice Recipes
Chapter 4:
Juicing for Weight Loss
Chapter 5:
Juicing for Youngsters
Chapter 6:
What to be aware of
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Advantages of Juicing


Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrition and that is why juicing is so healthy and good for you. When you place fruits and veggies into a juicer, they are pressed and all of their nutrients are turned into a liquid form.

This juice is easily digestible because when it is pressed the fiber is removed from it. The ability to almost immediate absorb the nutrients from the juice has enormous health benefits.

You can get the same level of nutrition from simply just eating fruits and vegetables but in order for the amount of nutrition absorbed to be the same, you would have to consume a very large quantity.

The following chapter will go over some of the advantages that you can get from juicing. You only have one life and you only get one body so you should take the best care of it as you can and a great way to do that is to start juicing today.

Why Should You Juice?

You may not already own a juicer and before you go out and purchase one you may be asking yourself, why should I start juicing? If this is the case you are definitely reading the right book.

There are many different advantages that you can get from juicing. As stated before, some of them may be medical related while others are just to maintain good health. Whatever your reason is, juicing will definitely be beneficial.

The following are some examples of the different types of advantages that come from juicing:

• Increased Energy

When you start juicing, you will notice that you suddenly have a lot more energy to help you get through your day than you used to. This is due to the fact that all of the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables that juicing provides is easily digestible. Many people do not know the fact that it takes energy to digest something. A perfect example of this would be eating a large dinner and then suddenly becoming tired. This happens because all of your energy is being exhausted in order to digest the meal. Juice is easily digested and all of the nutrients provide energy themselves.

• Digestion

If you have problems with your digestive system, juicing can be of great help you to. Juicing does wonders for the digestive system. There are even certain recipes for juicing that are designed to help you cleanse your digestive system. However, these types of recipes should not be used on a regular basis as this may have undesired results.

• Detoxing

Many people juice because they are aware of the fact that it is great for detoxifying the body. Juicing cleanses the body as a whole and is very beneficial towards body health and healing. It is also great for your blood which is a big positive because many undesired health problems originate in the blood.

• Stronger Immune System

In order for you to be able to ward of certain viruses, bacteria and parasites, you need to have a strong immune system. Juicing is a great way of boosting your immune system and making sure that your body is ready to fight at any time. As stated before, you only get one life and one body so make sure that you take care of it.

• Weight loss

Trying to lose weight can be quite a challenge for some people. It can be difficult at times to not let your appetite take over and find yourself over eating. Juicing can make the whole process of trying to lose weight much easier. This is due to the fact that juicing will curve your appetite since you will be getting all of the nutrients that you need. This will allow you to eat less and limit the amount on unhealthy food that you consume.

• Have A Clear Mind

Another great benefit that juicing offers is the fact that it improves brain health. A healthier brain results in better concentration and higher levels of focus and problem solving skills.

• Healthier Joints

A lot of people with arthritis and other joint issues juice because of its anti-inflammatory advantages. Those who juice will tell you that their joints feel much healthier and that they can move much easier and with more freedom of motion.

• Better Sleep

Studies show that those who juice have better sleeping patterns. It is easier for them to fall asleep and they go into a much deeper sleep allowing them to feel refreshed in the morning.

• Connect With Earth

Juicing is also a great way for you to be able to connect with nature and this is very important for our spirituality and our lives as a whole.

Chapter 3: Juice Recipes


A lot of people are not aware of the fact that there are countless different juicing recipes. Each one is designed to taste a certain way and have its own set of benefits. For example, some types of people may prefer recipes that are designed for treating conditions such as arthritis while other may want to stick to recipes that help them bulk up their muscle mass.

No matter what you are interested in starting to juice for, there will surely be a recipe that meets your exact needs. The following chapter will go over some different juicing recipes and will provide you with some examples that you may want to consider trying yourself.

Recipes for Health

Using different ingredients in your juice will give you different types of results. Some may help you with weight loss while others may detoxify and cleanse the body. There are even juicing recipes that can help people clean up their acne, this recipe is especially useful for teens who are going through puberty.

It is important that you are aware of the fact that some items may be dangerous if ingested while juicing. For example, some stems and leaves can actually be beneficial while other like those on carrots can be toxic. The same goes with apples, they are very healthy for you but their seeds contain a small amount of toxins.

The key to being able to stick to juicing is to find juicing recipes that you enjoy to drink. This will not be hard for you to do because the options are limitless. There are even entire recipe books that feature nothing but juicing recipes.

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