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Chapter 1:
Why Affirmations Are Important For Internet Marketers

Chapter 2:
How To Use Affirmations Effectively For Internet Marketers

Chapter 3:
How To Get Started

Chapter 4:
Law Of Attraction Affirmation

Chapter 5:
Abundance and Prosperity Affirmation

Chapter 6:
Product Launch Affirmation

Chapter 7:
Site Traffic Affirmation

Chapter 8:
Networking Affirmation

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Affirmations are simple to create and utilize, but you’ll need dedication to make them work. Here are some pointers to assist you in getting the most out of these mighty tools.

They Work… But You Must Use Them Correctly

Self-affirmations are positive statements or self-scripts that may condition the subconscious so that you are able to develop a more positive percept of yourself. Affirmations may help you to change adverse behaviors or achieve goals, and they can likewise help undo the harm caused by negative scripts, those things which we repeatedly tell ourselves (or which other people repeatedly tell us) that add to a negative self-perception.

• Consider your positive properties. Scrutinize yourself by making a list of your best qualities, abilities, or other properties. Are you smart? Write it down. Are you a hard worker? Make mention of it. Write each quality down in a brief sentence, beginning with “I” and utilizing the present tense: “I’m smart,” for instance, or “I’m a good Internet marketer”. These statements are affirmations of who you are. We seldom centre on those things that we truly like about ourselves, rather choosing to linger over things we’d like to alter. A list will help you break that cycle, and using these affirmations to help you appreciate who you are will give you the confidence you need to accept your affirmations of who you would like to become.

• Consider what negative scripts you would like to neutralize or what positive goals you would like to achieve. Affirmations can be highly useful to counteract negative percepts you have acquired about your abilities to market, or your potential. Affirmations may also help you accomplish specific marketing goals, like developing a bigger list or a bigger downline. Make a list of your goals or the adverse self- percepts you would like to alter.

• Prioritize your list of matters to work at. You might find that you’ve a lot of goals or that you require many different affirmations. It’s best, though, to center on just a couple of affirmations at once, so pick those that are most crucial or most pressing and work with those first of all. When you see improvement in those areas or achieve those goals you can formulate new affirmations for other points on your list.

• Author your affirmations. Use positive affirmations alone as counter-scripts, or add other affirmations to mold your behavior in the future. The affirmations you’ll use to mold future changes should follow the same form. They should begin with “I,” and be curt, clear, and positive. There are 2 forms of future-oriented affirmations you can utilize to work toward goals.

“I can” statements: author a statement affirming the fact that you can accomplish your goal(s). For instance, if you would like to have a killer blog, a statement like “I can have a killer blog,” is a good start. Several experts recommend that you avoid any form of negative connotation.

“I will” statements: author a statement affirming that today you’ll really utilize your ability to accomplish your goal. So, following the above example, you may say, “I will write a killer article for my blog today. Again, the affirmation should use positive language and should plainly express what you’ll do today to accomplish the longer-term goal of better internet marketing and a killer blog.

• Match-up a few of your positive attributes with your goals. Which of the positive characters will help you accomplish the goals you’ve set? If you’re starting a new business venture, for instance, you may need willpower or courage. Select affirmations to support what you’ll need.

• Make your repetitions visible so you’ll be able to utilize them. Repetition is the key to making affirmations effective. You want to consider your affirmations several times a day, day-after-day.

• Carry on using your affirmations. The more you affirm something, the more steadfastly your mind will accept it. If you’re trying to accomplish a short-term goal, use your affirmations till you’ve accomplished it. If you merely want to use affirmations as a counter-script, use each one as long as you like.

• Think of the message you send to the universe.

• Don’t use negative words – Instead of I won’t or don’t want to be poor, use I WANT to be rich. The universe doesn’t understand negative thoughts, only ‘thoughts’ are sent to the universe and send the right message.

• Repetition builds habits and your subconscious mind will align.


We can positively change ourselves by changing our thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts are like magnets, they have the power to attract according to their vibration. What we affirm to our selves on a daily basis confirms how we feel and how we experience life. One of the most powerful ways to create the life and internet marketing business we want is through affirmations. True? Uh-huh!

Easy Ways To Get Going

A powerful way to get started using affirmations for internet marketing is to write them down on an index card, and read it throughout the day. The more you use them, the deeper the new beliefs will sink in. The best times to review your affirmations are first thing in the morning, during the day, and before you retire for the night.

Try standing in front of a mirror and use affirmations while looking into your own eyes. If you can, repeat them out loud with passion. This is a powerful way to change your limiting beliefs very quickly.

Use affirmations while mediating. After relaxing into a deep, quiet, meditative state of mind, imagine that you are working in your ideal internet marketing situation. Imagine yourself in the physical setting or environment that you would like, doing work that you enjoy and find satisfying, interacting with individuals in a harmonious way and receiving appreciation and appropriate financial recompense. Add any other details that are crucial for you, such as the hours you work, the amount of autonomy and/or responsibility you have, and so forth. Try to get a feeling in yourself that this is possible; experience it as if it were already happening. In brief, imagine it exactly the way you’d like it to be, as if it were already so!

If you don’t want people to know about your internet marketing affirmations, simply place your reminders in discreet locations. Remember, however, that it’s crucial that you see them often, or they’ll do you no good.

If you find yourself merely parroting the words of your affirmations, rather than concentrating on their meaning, change affirmations. You are able to still affirm the same goals or characteristics, naturally, but rephrasing your affirmations can regenerate their effectiveness.

If you find it hard to believe an affirmation will happen, add “I choose to” to the affirmation. “I choose to grow my produce good info products,” for instance, or, “I choose to maintain a healthy attitude towards occasional rejection.”

Make a recording in your own voice and play it as you doze off. Some individuals swear by this method.

Attach positive emotions to your affirmations. Consider how achieving your goal will make you feel, or think about how good it feels to know that you’re good at internet marketing. Emotion is a fuel which makes affirmations more potent.

Ask friends to say a version of your affirmations to you. For instance, “Joe, you’re really providing value to your subscribers. You must feel great.” Self-affirmations are valuable exactly because they free you from a reliance on the approval of other people, but affirmations from other people can be just as good as negative scripts from other people are adverse.

Gratitude is a form of affirmation: One that says the following: “I enjoy and value the good in my life and internet business and trust that more will come my way”.

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