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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Community Approach of Today‟s Internet Marketing World
Chapter 2:
Developing the Trust with Social Networking Methods
Chapter 3:
Developing the Trust with JV Partners
Chapter 4:
Giving Your Subscribers Confidence in Your Products
Chapter 5:
Creating Win-Win Situations and Partnerships
Chapter 6:
The Right Mentality when It Comes to Marketing
Chapter 7:
Ethical Selling
Chapter 8:
Important Elements in Personal Coaching
Chapter 9:
Never Giving Up; No Matter What
Chapter 10:
Summary of the Qualities a Popular Internet Marketer Must Have

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Creating Win-Win Situations and Partnerships

Blogging is probably the most popular win-win situation that people know about. Everyone has a blog nowadays, and most people know how blogs can help each other. There is a close-knit community in the blogging world, which is called the blogosphere. In fact, the blogosphere is the best example where everyone is winning and no one is losing.

Consider that you have a blog about cooking. You have a product that you are promoting too, which is a recipe booklet. Now, your blog can only get so many readers. But, consider the case where you go and blog on other similar blogs. Blogs are open to all and you can do that – you can even put your business link in the comment you make. What will happen? In all likelihood, that blogger will visit your blog and comment on yours too. This is a win-win situation for both you bloggers because you have shared traffic with each other. You have easily doubled your prospects.

The same happens when you offer a discount to your customers. You may knock off half the price of your product, but that helps. It will immediately increase your sales. But there is a better benefit – When you are selling products for a reduced price, there will be more people virally marketing the product for you out there. You gain more popularity, and hence make more sales. Hence, this is a win-win situation too.

We have already discussed how JV ventures are win-win situations. Even if you get resell rights on a product, it is a win-win collaboration. You are giving someone money for their product – and they need the direct money – and you are getting a product to market.

If you think about it, any buyer-seller relationship is a win-win situation if the product is good. The buyer gets the product and the seller gets the money.

But, there is a catch and we mentioned that already. The product has to be good. Your service has to be something that people will like. This is the way you are building that all-important trust. Only when you take care of what you give do you ensure that it will be a winning situation for the other person too. And, only if one win-win situation is realized can another win-win situation ever happen.

So, as in everything else, it all boils down to trust. Which comes from your personality. Which you can improve upon. If you don’t do that, your Internet marketing business will be dead sooner than you think.


Yes, marketing needs a mindset – a different mindset. Here is what you must cultivate.

The Right Mentality when It Comes to Marketing

Have you ever given it a thought why some marketers have a bad name? There are a lot of instances when people would say, “Ah, forget him, he is just pushing his wares.” There are situations where people blankly ignore marketers. It makes you feel ostracized, doesn’t it? After all, all you are doing is earning a living.

But the reason why people have this impression about marketers is not completely unjustified either. Marketers are too pushy. But when it comes to the real goods, when they have got their subscribers or customers or whatever it is they are after, they forget all of that. They are not least concerned about the quality of the product they give to their people. And the word gets around. It doesn’t take time for a bad comment to go round the world. The marketer ends up with a bad name, adding to the general vibe that people have about marketers.

Now consider a good product. Think about any good product you ever purchased, online or offline. Do you think about it the same way? If you are really pleased with that product, you will actually want to know more about that company. You will be eager to know what they will bring out next. You will not brush that aside.

The crux is this – If your product is great, people won’t think you are nauseating! They will actually want to speak with you, learn about your products and your business and even become your customers over and over again.

There is a particular mindset when it comes to business marketing, online or offline. And that is, you have to think about the value of the product you give to your people first. First think whether the product you are giving is really good or not. Think about the money aspect afterward. If your product is indeed good, no one can stop the money from coming in.

The best way to do this is to think whether you would want to buy your own product. Would you buy it for the money stated and still think it’s a good buy? This is a good judging factor to decide the merit of your product. If you think it is a good buy for the money, your customer thinks so and they will not mind buying more from your oeuvre.

Your mindset is most important. Endeavor to give quality. If it takes you additional investment to build a better product, invest it. It will all come back to you. If you skimp on these essential things, your product will be half-baked and you will lose whatever trust you have gained in your buyer market.

You don’t want that. No one wants that.


Ethics are highly important in the Internet marketing world. Here are the ethics that you should know and practice.

Ethical Selling

Simply put, ethical selling means selling with righteous principles. You are selling in such a way that no one is at a loss. Though the customer pays you, you make sure that they don’t pay anything more than your product is worth. You don’t overcharge. You deliver everything that they have hoped for. When you have all these principles pat down, you are an ethical seller.

But you need to promote your product, don’t you? Selling blatantly would do you no good, but there are several soft-sell ways in which you can promote your product and don’t seem too pushy too. The first important concepts that come to mind are up-selling and down-selling products. Let us see what these mean. They definitely fall within the realm of ethical selling.


Up-selling is when you go to buy a product and the seller tells you to go for an upgrade or go for an additional product that would complement what you are already purchasing. Like, if someone is buying a software application, you could ask them to also download an eBook that’s a tutorial on how to use the product.

Now, why is this ethical selling? It is, because the person who bought the software might actually be confused about using it or may not be able to realize its full potential. The eBook might actually be very useful to the customer. You could apply this situation to other scenarios and see. In a movie hall, when you go for popcorn, they ask you to buy a Coke at a discount. This is up-selling but it does work in your favor. You would probably have bought the Coke anyway later but at a higher price.

When you up-sell anything to a customer, make sure that you are up-selling something that adds to the value of what they are already purchasing. This keeps it within the domain of ethical selling.


Down-selling is trying to sell something to a person who is just about to leave. It happens in the physical world. You start to move out of a shop and the storekeeper tells you that he will knock something off the price. In the Internet world, when you try to leave certain websites, a popup suddenly appears that tells you they are ready to give you the product at a reduced price.

It is difficult to talk about down-selling with the same ethical flair that we use for up-selling. But it can be ethical too. An indecisive person might get a product for a reduced price which they might have come back later to buy at a higher price. Also, if the person is not clear about the product, they might be missing out on something that’s actually useful to them. Down-selling ensures that they buy the product that will be of some value to them.

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