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Table of Contents

Group Leverage …… 6
Joint Venture Marketing Leverage ……… 6
Traffic Leverage …… 8
Safe Rule of Thumb for ANY Business Endeavor 9
Labor Replication .. 10
Due Diligence …….. 11
One Chance on the Merry-Go-Round of Life …… 13
What’s In It For Me? …………. 14
Compelling Copy … 15
Delivery Is Everything ……….. 18
Getting Your Reader’s Attention ………. 18
Honing Your Copy Writing Skills………. 21
Practice .. 22
The Naked Truth … 23
Personalize and Be Specific . 25
In Review ………….. 29
Recommended Resources …. 32
Recommended Reading ……. 32
All-in-One E-Commerce Solutions ……. 32
Recommended Payment Processors .. 32

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Every single truly successful marketer realized- at some point within their career- that in order to get to where their truly trying to be; they have to whole-heartedly and cheerfully assist others in doing the same.

This is especially true when making first contact with a good potential Partner…remember; it is you going to them, for something you want- Not the other way around.
Until you’ve cultivate your own Master List of 20,000, 50,000, even 100,000 Loyal Readers; and you are now the one getting slammed with 10 to 20 Joint Venture Proposals per day, on average…

To create successful, mutually beneficial JV’s; you must pole-position your wants, needs and desires in such a way as to naturally resonate with/compliment theirs.

Often times, this is *much* easier said than done; as good JV Proposals require a fair and reasonable amount of selfless and candid receptiveness, attention to detail and deep meditation.

However…the dividends are supremely worth it!

Traffic Leverage

Short of having a ‘bottomless wallet’…you will quickly realize, early in your online success endeavors; exactly just how difficult it is to drive consistent, quality traffic to your Web site.

Virtually all of the ‘marketing gurus’ trying to sell you how you, too, can quickly and easily make boatloads of cash online, with no out of pocket expenses; are feeding you a fat, stinky pile o’ bull. Run…Fast!

And hide your wallet!!!

Furthermore, they straight-up buy their traffic, one way or another; until such point as they have established a monster downline of resellers [one of your primary goals, actually].

Ahhh, yes…

Then you too can- indeed- make boatloads of cash on the Internet and perhaps even become the next ‘guru’…

Safe Rule of Thumb for ANY Business Endeavor

The more money [up front] you invest in yourself, the less time that you’ll be shackled to your venture. The less money you are willing to you invest in yourself, the more time you will spend [exponentially] to overcome lack of funds.

In a nutshell, you can actually become quite successful on the Internet- generating a modest four figures a month- with virtually no out-of-pocket expenses. However…
Do plan on exercising Due Diligence and spending thousands of hours.

Hence, why it is critically important to choose something that you are 100% *absolutely* passionate about- as the end-consumer hobbyist!

I apologize if the blunt truth of the matter ‘takes the wind out of your sails’…but, again- I wish someone was this brutally honest with me years ago!

“This will increase your profitability substantially, while cutting down your work load!”

Labor Replication

The closer you want to get to all of that free time and boatloads of money you’ve indubitably been promised time and time again…

The more closely you must examine exactly what it takes to become as digitally automated as possible! Which also takes into consideration creative opportunities such as outsourcing, viral e-marketing and B2B JV barter.

One very excellent example is the awe-inspiring power of autoresponders. Depending on your particular approach; a deftly-crafted autoresponder series can cultivate long-term customers, clients, subscribers, etc…Only if the information you are divulging high-quality.

Another prime example is a genuinely high-quality, PLR e-book. Most especially if these can be re-branded, featuring your downlines’ primary Web venture.

Perhaps a Strategic Joint Venture Alliance…or a Member Site- In which you provide your members with a step-by-step plan of action and everything they need to achieve their own success, on- line [tenacity not withstanding, of course]!

In each of these examples, the Principle of Labor Replication [another demonstration of leverage] is invoked- your one and only Way to *consistent* Internet Success-
Regardless of your offerings…but if you are not willing to actually put forth the effort and initially act upon your knowledge, and then this will merely be entertainment to you.

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