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Instant Domain Cash: The Complete Guide

You’ve heard the success stories of average joes, new to the domain industry stumbling across a handful of $8 domains that, in a matter of days, they are able to sell for $25,000 profit (or more).

You’ve probably been dazzled by the numerous times someone on a domain forum has bragged about their online fortunes, all from domain trading, flipping and monetization methods that seem somewhat cloaked in mystery, and only available to those who are already within the ‘field’.

It isn’t difficult to figure out why so many have recently turned to the idea of generating a consistent profit online from domain sales. Further, it’s no surprise that people really are making a fortune online with the sale of high and low-end domain names that seem to have been carefully plucked from the ever-shrinking domain pool of available, high quality domains.

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- 1 Ebook (PDF), 42 Pages
- Year Released/Circulated: 2010
- File Size: 304 KB

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* [YES] Can use the product on all domains you own
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