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One aspect of Instagram that is a marketer’s dream, lies in the fact they allow you to share your photos and videos on a variety of other social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Flickr.

So, what type of photos should you use?

Research suggests you can generate a serious upward swing in engagement when using ‘organic’ photos.

Engagement with slick photos hovers around 2.3 percent, while engagement with organic photos is eight percent.

If you’re still unclear as to the value of Instagram when building and branding your biz, here’s a fact which you should be aware of.

Currently, Instagram is closing in on 500M viewers. They are projected to have one billion users within three years.

Of those millions, there will surely be thousands who fall into the category of potential client or customer for your business. Something to give serious consideration to.
What is the difference between Instagram and the ever popular and growing Snapchat?

The main difference is messages/photos uploaded to Snapchat last a specific amount of time; up to 24 hours (at the time of this writing), whereas photos you upload to Instagram are hosted on their servers and not on a time limit.

They also can be viewed by anyone on the Internet at any time, if you so choose that.

In addition to that, anyone can comment on your Instagram photos; which can start a discussion, which may with a bit of luck and timing, cause your post to go viral.

The following are additional tips and tricks you can also use to create and increase engagement on Instagram.

Aside from being allowed to share your photos and videos on other social networks, you can, and absolutely should…

• Follow friends, clients and potential clients
• Find topics of interest to clients; email them with links to these posts
• ‘Like’ the activities of clients, potential clients and others.
• A recent change even allows you to send direct messages via the Instagram platform.

Leveraging the powerhouse that is Instagram is simple.

First set up a user profile. Similar to Facebook, it allows you to add a name, website and short bio.

With its built-in filters, it’s a simple task to edit and tag your photos using hashtags. Once that is completed, you can begin to market your business.

Instagram Domination Daily Planner

In the included daily and monthly planner, we’ve given you a planning page for each month along with a page for every day of the year with space to focus on your Instagram Profile, Hashtags, Stories, Lives and Ads. Use this planner to give you a jumpstart on your monthly plans, evaluate the previous month’s progress and plan out your Instagram engagement each day.

Setting up an Instagram Business Profile Checklist

Use this checklist to optimize your Instagram business profile.

Posting to Instagram to Increase Audience Engagement

Use this checklist to help you determine what to post in order to increase audience engagement.

Growing Your Instagram Audience

This checklists includes 6 different tactics that will help you grow your Instragram audience.

Leveraging the Power of Hashtags

Use this checklist to help build your social media following using hashtags.

Understanding Your Instagram Insights

This checklist will help you get started using Instagram Insights. It will show you how to access them, what they mean, and how you can use them.

Leveraging Instagram Stories

Stories are fabulous tools for creating greater brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. This checklist will show you how to leverage them to grow your audience.

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