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How to Curate GREAT Content for Your Infographic ………….. 5
Where to Find Your Data …….. 6
How to Create Your Infographic Yourself …………… 8
Template Based Infographic Builders …………. 8
Build Your Infographic from Scratch …………… 9
Graphic Resources ……… 10
Where to Find Your Infographic Designers ……….. 11
Distributing Your Infographic Online … 12
The full list of 100 places to submit your infographic .. 13
Additional Link Juice and Traffic …. 17
Outsourcing the Submission Process ……….. 18
Other Cool Infographic Resources 18
Some parting tips for designing and promoting your infographics ………… 18

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How to Curate GREAT Content for Your Infographic

Your readers’ attention spans get shorter every year, which means you need to deliver infographics that grab their attention and captivate their emotions with bite size pieces of information and data. Basically, it’s all about the research – and here’s where you should be looking. Trending topics What’s happening right now in your niche? Are people talking about the topic? If so, then you’ve got a worthwhile idea for an infographic.

Resources: Google Trends and Alltop’s Holy Kaw make this easy.

Evergreen topics Some topics never die. Create infographics based on ideas your readers and customers are familiar with and want to know more about. Controversial topics If people are debating a hot topic that you can find information on, that’s another good candidate for your infographic. Most viewed content Find out what content is doing well on other sites and use that data to come up with infographic ideas.

Where to Find Your Data

The data is just as important as the visuals when creating an infographic. So where does all the infographic pro’s find their data? Here’s a list of the best sources the “pros” use to find valuable, verifiable data for their infographics.

Hubspot marketing statistics should be your first stop for great small business marketing statistics and data.
Forrester Research & Data is a technology research firm, specializing in technology related case studies.
Business case studies – arket research & business studies Find marketing case studies and data for large corporations
Wikipedia – Great resource for finding data for just about anything but make sure it’s verified.
Marketingprofs Library – Access thousands of our online marketing resources and case studies here. A virtual gold mind of marketing related articles and data.
Decision Analyst – arketing research case histories.
Gallup – Polls and public opinion data on economy and politics worldwide.
World Health Organization (WHO) provides access to data and analyses for monitoring the global health situation.
The US National Library of Medicine – Verifiable and Redactable Medical Data, Stats & Medical related case studies
PubMed is another good medical data & case study resource
UN Data is a UN statistical database with a search engine. You can get world economic, development, and environmental statistics. It offers API for you to access the database as well.
The Guardian Data Blog is a news blog that regularly posts visualizations and makes cleaned data available through a Google docs format.
Microsoft Azure Marketplace offers data feed from the many data sources that includes demographic, environmental, financial, retail and sports data. Many of the sources are free, while some requires fees.
UNICEF holds all kinds of data, from mortality rates to world hunger statistics. database is from the US government providing data pertaining to the US.
Data Market is a good place to explore data related to economics, healthcare, food and agriculture, and the automotive industry.
Wunderground provides detailed weather info and lets you search historical data by zip code or city.
Neilsen Insights is a consumer research company that studies consumers in more than 100 countries to give you a global view of trends and habits worldwide.
Weatherbase provides detailed weather stats on temperature, rain and humidity of nearly 27,000 cities.

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