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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – List Building 101 Page 4
Chapter 2 – Building Your List With Social Media Page 7
Chapter 3 – How To Build Your List With Social Media Page 9
Chapter 4 – Building Your List Using Facebook Page 12
Chapter 5 – Twitter And Your List Page 15
Chapter 6 – Building Your List Using Pinterest Page 18
Chapter 7 – Google + And Your List Page 20
Chapter 8 – YouTube And Your List Page 22
Chapter 9 – Content Is King Page 24
Chapter 10 – How To Choose Your Opt – In Offer Page 26
Chapter 11 – Choosing an Auto Responder Page 28
Chapter 12 – Top Tips For Social Media List Building Page 31
Summary Page 33

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Chapter One -List Building 101

Most business owners will have heard the phrase “The money is In the list” but exactly do we mean by that?

Simply put, if you run a modern day business then you are going to both want and need to create an email list comprising of people who have an interested in your business, in your products or services and are happy to hear from you and may become customers one day.

The process involved in getting these potential new customers emails, is called list building when you are building your list you encourage people to become a subscriber by giving them something valuable, the subscriber gives you their email address in exchange for what you have to offer i.e. newsletter, E-book, Cheat Sheet etc.

List Building is a great way of building up a bank of potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer.

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- Checklist, Mind map, Opt In Offer Guide
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