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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
When Is Sex Actually An Addiction
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Getting On The Road To Recovery
Chapter 4:
Means To Recovery
Chapter 5:
Changes To Make

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Chapter 1: When Is Sex Actually An Addiction


Even if society assumes something as “regular,” we surely realize that it may be habit-forming and destructive (consider alcohol, tobacco, and gambling). However what about sex? When does somebody turn into a sex addict? Where is the line that differentiates a normal, sound sex drive from sexual dependency? The line beats drawn when that individual discovers him or herself not able to quit – when they repeatedly return to the same conduct, in spite of damaging consequences. The medical and guidance communities have founded numerous universal standards for ascertaining if a substance or behavior is a dependency. Note how these apply to sexual behavior as well as chemical usage:

Know What’s Occurring

Utilization of the substance or behavior has gotten uncontrollable. This means that the addict needs – and repeatedly attempts – to quit but can‟t. There’s a history of bombed attempts. The word powerlessness – a central word in Step One of the 12 Steps – aptly distinguishes the feeling the addict has about his or her sexual conduct.

Even as an addict goes through destructive results for his or her sexual conduct, it‟s not adequate to get them to quit. Addiction isn’t weakness, but its helplessness. Addiction isn’t a deficiency of self-control; it’s a powerlessness over the substance or conduct in question.

The addiction becomes tougher over time. This occurs because more and more of the substance or conduct is required over time to accomplish the same outcome. The chemistry of the brain adapts to whatever an addict orders into it. Over time the brain calls for more to accomplish the same outcome.

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