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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
What Are Your Values
Chapter 2:
Where Are You Vulnerable
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Be In The Now
Chapter 6:
Admit Errors
Chapter 7:

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Chapter 2: Where Are You Vulnerable


Really have a look at weaknesses.

Dig Deep

What are the occasions when you’re most likely to be untrue to yourself? When you’re going out with somebody new? During crucial business occasions? Or when your mother-in-law is in town? Analyze your motivation cautiously for each state of affairs. Is it essential to pretend to be somebody when you’re not, or force yourself to do something that breaches your values? What is the worst that may happen if you stay true to how you truly feel? Can you accomplish what you want without having to forfeit your beliefs?

We all prefer to be powerful. By powerful, I don’t mean reigning over other people, but reigning over ourselves. How may we reach our dreams unless we first control ourselves? This is why comprehending and managing our failings is so crucial. The first lesson, then, is to remember that weakness implies the absence of power. The question we have to ask isn’t “Do I prefer to overcome this failing?” but “Do I prefer to be powerful or weak?”

Weakness is nothing to be ashamed of; it’s part of human nature. We’re not dealing with a moral topic, but a practical one. That is, we prefer to know what works. What will help us accomplish our goals? It isn’t weakness but intensity that will take us where we wish to go. So, we need to discover our weaknesses and defeat or manage them. All the same, we likewise have to recognize that we’ll never overcome ALL our failings, nor should we want to. For weaknesses are crucial. They help each of us to become an unequalled individual. You see, it is not only the strong points of others that make them likeable, but their weaknesses too. We relate to their defects and root for them because we, too, are fallible. And as we open up and exhibit our weaknesses to friends, we develop closeness, fortifying our relationship. As a matter of fact, weaknesses add to our greatest relationship, our love life, too.

While we’re painfully cognizant of some of our weakness, we fail to recognize others. Yet, the beginning step in overcoming any weakness is to become cognizant of it. So, how do we discover character flaws that are hiding in the background? A great way to beginning is by monitoring our negative emotions. Are we angry, vindictive, resentful, jealous, envious…? They all point to failings that we can work on.

Chapter 3: Meditation


Without a calm mind, we’re like a candle in the wind, fluttering and dancing to every distraction that comes our way. Meditation is an easy but effective technique to train the mind. It helps you to realize the countless ideas floating and drifting in your mind and trains you not to go along with them.


For a few, meditation might involve centering on something particular; however, for many individuals meditation is a way to do nothing. Meditation is a way to unwind the brain and muscles. Meditation may be done at any time of the day or night. The toughest part about meditation is discovering the time to do it on a steady basis.

Discover a quiet place. Be comfy in your body and mind. Meditation may be very spiritual and help you expose yourself because you don’t allow yourself to consider day-to-day troubles. Many sit cross-legged but it isn’t essential. Make certain to sit upright so you are able to center on your breathing.

Shut your eyes. Closing your eyes may help by not allowing you to center on your surroundings. Closing your eyes isn’t essential but might be very helpful for newbies.

Don’t worry about technique or time. Meditation is hard to describe because it’s different for each individual. I personally want to meditate for 10-15 minutes.

Discover references to help your meditation. There are video and audio self hypnosis and meditation programs that help beginners and such are available at http://inspirationdna.com/ Be optimistic and patient. A lot of individuals might say that meditation is only an easterly idea. This isn’t true; Western civilization has been very accepting of meditation in recent years. Meditation isn’t a religious belief. Meditation does have meaning to a lot of different religions, however. The best way to amply understand is to read about it. Don’t expect quick results. I feel that meditation may be described as a condensed nap when identifying it in physical terms. The best adjective to distinguish how I feel after a session is unstrained.

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