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Chapter 1:
Understanding and Consideration

Chapter 2:
Truthfulness and Being Fair

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Wrapping Up

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A sense of unity furthers you to optimize and extend your contribution as a person. It isn’t adequate to simply get by in life. If you perform well below your capability, you’re refusing responsibility for your role in the big picture. You’re keeping back value both from yourself and other people.

Giving Back

When I resolved to retire from the field of direct sales, I’d been committing much of my free time to helping independent salesmen, particularly those who were attempting to make some headway. I supplied free how-to articles, hosted a net discussion forum, and shared lots of gratis advice.

But, once I committed to a vocation change, I quit supplying that level of help to salesmen and transitioned to my fresh career as gracefully as imaginable.

While a few individuals were disturbed by this move, I looked at it as a fair decision as I believed I may make a more positive contribution to the bigger picture through the field of personal growth. I didn’t regret the choice in the least.

Unity may make contribution even greater. Without a sense of unity, payoffs are considered only at the single level: What do I get? Why should I put in the work?

When unity is there, this battle dissolves as payoffs are considered at a much greater level. You share the success of other people, and another individual’s accomplishment is valued just as much as yours.

Have you ever felt truly happy for somebody else’s success? I frequently feel this way when studying feedback from my site visitors about their personal growth breakthroughs. I celebrate their successes as though they’re mine. When one of us advances, we all advance.

As an individual person, your impact is confined. If you live totally for yourself, your life will amount to very little versus the backdrop of all humankind. With few exceptions, the achievements of any one person are nearly meaningless. But, by lining up with the greatest good of the whole, your purpose takes on much bigger significance.

Now you’re a contributor to brilliance, a part of consciousness itself. Humankind’s wellness is your wellness, and humanity’s achievements are your achievements. Whatever anybody living or dead has ever accomplished is yours to treasure as your own. Your greatness is confined only by the expansion of awareness itself.

What would you like to bring to this expansion?


An innate extension of unity is the development of worldwide consciousness. You recognize that just as every individual is responsible for sustaining the health of the entire body, you’re similarly responsible for the wellness of the whole planet. You can’t go along making decisions alone at the personal, loved ones, or communal level. Now you have to think about how your thoughts and actions affect the earth as a whole.

Take Care

The mentality of wholeness is an amazing responsibility, and a lot of individuals feel overpowered by it at the start. This is perfectly normal. To take on responsibility for the whole earth may feel like setting a huge weight on your shoulders. How may one-man be responsible for so much? However to refuse such responsibility is to buckle under to an illusion.

You can’t prevent the responsibility for what occurs on the planet as you’re a piece of it.

If you believe the earth requires saving, you’re responsible for saving it. If you believe our leaders have become off track, you’re responsible for putting us back on track. If you see issues in the world that aren’t being handled right, you’re responsible for handling those issues.

Without the experience of unity, you’ll likely take issue with me. You can’t potentially be responsible for all of that. You’re merely one flyspeck individual on a planet of 1000000000000s. You’re merely a single person, not the entire system.

But once you embrace the reality that we’re all one attached whole, you willingly take on responsibility for everything in your world.
It’s no longer conceivable to wince and hide from this awareness.

Wholeness becomes your answer to the question: Why ought I care?

The plus side is that wholeness likewise provides you the force to shoulder that responsibility willingly and without feeling overpowered. Wholeness exposes that you’re never alone. You’ve a great deal of help available.

You don’t have to build a huge global operation to remedy each issue on the planet. You simply have to stay aware of how your actions impact the whole and begin making decisions now to line up with the greater good.

The most you are able to expect of yourself is to do your most. And the most you are able to truly do at this time is to totally embrace unity, to serve as a model, and to teach other people to do the same.

The more individuals who embrace unity, the more joined we become, and the better off the whole earth will be.

If you wish to line up with unity, you’ll sooner or later have to leave thoughts of detachment behind.

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