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Today’s businesses often spend a large percentage of their marketing budget, if not all of it, online. The goal is to reach as many people as possible and that often takes a broad and generalized approach. If you want to attract everyone, you can’t be too specific with your marketing.

However, when this approach is taken, businesses usually miss the potential right in their own back yard. Sure, your business is online but your customers may be neighbors. And marketing to neighbors can be easier. Instead of trying to create tactics and strategies that appeal to the masses, you can create detailed and specific campaigns that hit home and attract attention.

In this report, we’ll take a look at the benefits of connecting with your local audience. We’ll also explore:

•Why make a local connection? Reasons to market locally
•Leveraging local marketing to build referral and word-of-mouth marketing
•How and why to create a community connection
•Leveraging social media for your local audience
•Using reviews and local search to build your local community and customer base
•How to use email to build your local customer base
•Local mobile – what it is and why it can be effective

First, let’s take a look at some data that supports the potential of local marketing.

•In 2010 a drive toward buying local really took hold. We’re not just talking about food. Consumers became aware of their global footprint and the economic benefits of spending money in their own back yard.

•“Buy Local” community groups popped up and local business felt a rebirth of sorts, as people turned back to their communities to buy. Five years later, people will still choose a local business when all other things like price and customer service are equal.

•Local search functions on search engines and smartphone development mean that consumers are better able to identify local businesses. A study by Google showed that local search lead 50 percent of mobile users to visit local businesses and establishments.

Let’s look a bit more in depth at some reasons why it makes sense to market locally.

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