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For many business people, the mere thought of hosting a local live event fills them with a feeling of cold dread. You may think you are too shy or don’t have the skills to plan and present a local event. However, the truth is that anyone can do it provided they follow a few essential steps.

If you have ever been to a local event that left you buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm, you know how exciting these occasions can be for those able to attend. And if you ever bought anything at a live event, even just a t-shirt, you will get an idea about how lucrative for-profit local events can be.

If you discovered all new products and services, got excellent bargains, and met with great people you wanted to do business with, you will understand how effective local events can be. It is great to use the social networks online, but there is nothing quite like interacting face to face with others to help you take your business, profits or career to the next level.

In this guide we will outline the essentials for hosting a local event to help you plan like a pro even if you have never hosted one before. In case you are not sure about the advantages of hosting a local event, let’s discuss these first.

The Benefits of Hosting a Local Event

There are many benefits to local events, both for you as the host and for your participants. In this guide we will be focusing on events that you can earn income from. In terms of your own career, you might decide to offer a public talk on a topic you know will be of interest to the typical person working in your niche or industry.

Know Your Niche

If you are an author, you might host a book signing and talk or one-day seminar. This puts you center stage, showing all you know about a topic you are passionate about. This kind of event gives you instant expert status, one that can not only give you profits but local press coverage as well, for even more sales.

If you are working as a freelancer or consultant, hosting a live event can make all the difference between an empty calendar with a few low-paying clients, to a contacts list packed with high-paying customers eager to hire you.

If you have a car showroom and things get pretty slow at certain times of year, a live event can get prospects in the door and might even get them to drive out with a brand new car.

If you love doing arts and crafts, a local event in your store or workshop can put you on the map. As the holidays approach, you might even wish to host a Christmas bazaar. If you do not have enough items to cope with a huge surge in sales, consider banding together with other vendors – though not your direct competitors – to share costs of the space you wish to rent. All the vendors can then help with the marketing to get people to come and buy.

Knowing your niche, that is, the needs and desires of people interested in what you have to offer, should be your starting point when planning a local event. Targeting the event to an eager audience is sure to get them to respond to your message and any items you are trying to sell.

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