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Introduction, Purpose, Rationale, Target Audience and Layout of the Book 3

SECTION I                                        8

House Energy And Cost Efficiency Defined

–    What Is It
–    Why Does It Matter
–    What Are The Options Open To Homeowners To Conserve And Save

SECTION II                                    13

How To Achieve Cost And Energy Efficient Homes

SECTION III                                    24

A Personal Action Plan to creating a living space that is cost and energy efficient – steps to take TODAY, FOR TOMORROW!

Conclusion                                    44
Resources and Online Links                        47

Top 10 Energy Efficiency Tips FOR HOME-OWNERS        49

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Introduction, Purpose, Rationale, Target Audience and Layout of the Book

Renewable energy, energy efficiency and cost savings have been so front-of-mind lately and will increasingly get attention, as we move into the future, countries develop and refine their economic growth and expansion, increase their demand and needs.

Add to this our limited resources and a global economy that relies heavily on electricity, fuel and other resources to exist and thrive. We can all do our part to make our own homes and businesses MORE Cost and Energy Efficient.

The ‘how to,’ practical focus of this book, will take you through some theoretical and practical aspects of making your home/business MORE cost and energy efficient.

Exact strategies and protocol for energy and cost efficient homes, might actually depend on a couple of factors, like

–    where you live
–    the type of house/building (old, new)
–    Materials used, design
–    Interior-Exterior
–    Climate and Temperature, weather, seasons and related environmental considerations
–    Heating or cooling, Water, power – type of energy and cost
–    Cleaning, maintenance
–    Choices and installations, options, alternatives and renewable energy type topics and concerns
–    Restorable energy

… and many more.

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