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Transferring files to and from your computer to your web site is really not all that hard to do. The problem is that it at first seems much more complicated than it really is. This report has been put together to assist you with installing FTP software on your computer and then showing you exactly what you need to do in order to transfer files.

The main focus of this report will be to show you how to transfer files from your computer to your web site. Your web site hosting company should have provided you with a user name and password that you need to FTP to your web site. If you are not sure of your user ID and password contact your hosting company before using this guide as you will need this information to set up your FTP software.

The hosting service that I recommend is Host4Profit Uploading files to your Host4Profit account is very easy with any of the FTP programs mentioned in this report.

The first thing I suggest you do right now is print this guide. You will find it much easier to work with a printed copy while looking at your computer, following along with each step and being able to compare with what you see on your computer screen and what is on your printed copy.

Once you have your printed copy of this report in hand … you can download a FTP software program.

There are many programs available however the most popular and the one used in this report’s tutorial will be WS_FTP PRO. They also have a Lite version available (WS_FTP LE).

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