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Why I wrote this eBook:

I sell Technology products (cameras, DVD’s, sound systems and of coarse MP3 players etc) for a retailer. Over the last couple of years I’ve come across many people who need a little more help in understanding the idea of MP3’s and the different types of MP3 players. So I set about learning more for myself, making notes as I went. A mate saw the notes and suggested I give them to customers to explain the ins and outs of MP3 players and to help with their choices. That worked well, so I’ve now developed it into this eBook.

Two of the questions I’ve been asked a lot are.

What is an MP3? and,
How do I buy an MP3?

Sounds like easy questions to answer. That’s what I thought, until I listened a bit more, they could buy a CD, a tape or a DVD and once bought, they would actually get a physical item. But you don’t get that with an MP3. What many people don’t realise is, what I give them is only a storage medium, a piece of plastic with a WAVE or MPEG file on it.

We have changed from talking about a tape or CD to actually talking about the file that is stored on that medium. We now change the medium that the file is stored on, to suit the player that we are playing the file on, ie: a CD, a DVD, a computer hard drive or an MP3 player. The file is the same but used on different formats for different play back devices.

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