How To Build A Website MRR Ebook

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Table Of Contents

Introduction: A Message from the Author
The Five (5) Steps to Creating a Website
Register A Domain
Web Hosting
– Different Kinds of Web Hosting
Shared Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Multi-Domain Hosting
Reseller Hosting
– Getting a Web Hosting Account Set Up
Building Your Website
– Site Structure
– Files, Folders and the public_html
– Editors
ONLINE web design programs
OFFLINE web design software and html editors
Dreamweaver, FrontPage, GoLive and more
Free Web Design Software
MS Office Products and HTML
Your E-Mail
– Private Domain E-Mail
Uploading Your Site to the Internet
– cPanel’s File Manager
Want to Dig Deeper?
– The Webmaster Survival Kit

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Introduction: A Message from the Author

People don’t like to make mistakes. No one likes feeling like they are lost in the dark or lack information that others may have – especially when it appears that millions of others have solved a puzzle they haven’t yet.

As the owner/operator of a highly technical business (web hosting), I have learned that there may be nothing more confusing to the average person than the concept of making, managing and mastering a website. Even though there seem to be billions of websites – most people struggle with the process of developing one; hence, the report you are now reading.

My hope is that this information will make clear the terminology you may be bumping into, and that the fundamental concepts of working with, and maintaining a website will become sensible for you.

For starters, it’s important to know that the creation of a website is not all that mysterious. Websites are used everyday by anyone who wants to communicate with, market to or share information with the world through the magical technology of the Internet’s World Wide Web.

Whether you want to have a website to sell a full line of products, show off pictures of your grandchildren, display your contact information like an electronic business card, promote an event, collect leads for a mailing list…or anything else you can think of – this report will help you understand, in a step-by-step way, how you can design, build, host, manage and offer your website to the world.

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