How To Be A Public Speaking Superstar PLR Ebook

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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing Public Speaking 4
Chapter 2: Public Speaking and You 6
Chapter 3: Getting Started: Your First Speech 11
Chapter 4: Developing Speaker Confidence 17
Chapter 5: Overcoming Your Fear 24
Chapter 6: Selecting Your Topic 32
Chapter 7: Analyzing Your Audience 37
Chapter 8: Organizing Your Speech 42
Chapter 9: Outlining Your Speech 50
Chapter 10: Preparing Your Visual Aids Effectively 54
Chapter 11: Delivering Your Message Effectively 56
Chapter 12: Final Questions 73

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Chapter 1

Introducing Public Speaking

Communication is a vital key in this new century. It gives an edge to keep abreast with the fast pace of the times. Public speaking definitely works towards this goal.

The diversity of opinions today, which are often controversial, has increased the need for public speaking. People need to voice out their views to function well in society. For some four thousand years, public speaking has been the key in building and keeping a democratic society and way of life. Its influences are vast and affect almost all aspects of life, such as the way we think or act. It is also used in court proceedings, in congress, and even in the plain setting of a classroom.

Speaking in public can sometimes be a real challenge, if not a source of embarrassment; not only to normal people, but even to persons of high rank such as scholars, doctors, artists and entrepreneurs. They may have hesitations in facing an audience, often accompanied by sweaty palms, stuttering, and the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon. These dilemmas often cause untold problems to the speaker (especially in self-expression) and unpleasant effects to the audience.

You probably got this book because you are up for a speech delivery soon and you need valuable tips. Or perhaps, you saw the link between success and effective speaking, and have realized this can help you. Hopefully this book would do just that.

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