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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Analyze and change your life style into healthier one
Chapter 2:
Secrets of health and fitness
Chapter 3:
Healthy nutrition and its benefits
Chapter 4:
Stress management and your health
Chapter 5:
Exercise and its types
Chapter 6:
Tips for weaker and old age people
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Analyze and Change Your Lifestyle into A Healthier One

If you are living your life without any clue about your work routine and its effects on your health and fitness then, this chapter is definitely for you.

– Lack of physical activity
– Control your weight with little extra movement
– Check your eating habits

Have A Look

In modern times, life is very tough and competitive. You have to work hard, in order to stay in this society and in this hectic work routine, you often forget to take care of yourself. I have seen people who work for more than 12-15 hours a day and still they feel unsatisfied with their work. In this kind of life style, there are so many glitches which you can fix to optimize your routine.

These glitches are also not very hard to find and with very little attention, you can get them and repair them easily. You must have heard this too often that you should live a healthy life style but have you ever thought what actually a healthy life style is. Is it just about not smoking, doing exercise and keeping your weight under control? This formula sounds simple but believe it or not, it takes some time and hard work to be implemented in real life.

If you do not exercise, and your eating habits are also unstable then, it will take very small steps to bring you on track. You just need to make some very slight adjustments in your daily life style and these adjustments will make your life healthier and fit.

Lack of Physical Activity

Biggest drawback of modern office life is lack of physical activity. You have to sit in your chair throughout the day and after a tiring day in office, you go to your home and after taking your dinner you cannot even walk and go to sleep. This is very dull and unhealthy routine but you can make it little more energetic for you and that will also not get too much attention or time from you. You can just get up 20-30 minutes early than you do now and go out for a short walk.

Even if you think that is not possible for you then, you can just take bus to your office instead of your car. This will add some walk in your routine. This much movement and activity can be so much advantageous for you that it can save you from lots of heart diseases as well it will improve your respiration and will make you feel your weight. Your joint stability will get improve and you will be flexible enough according to your age. It will also help you in reducing anxiety and depression and will improve your mood and you will be able to work with more concentration. Smaller movement schemes like gardening on weekends, daily walk and similar other activities can also help you to control your weight.

Control Your Weight with Little Extra Movement

There are some very simple and basic things which you can do to make your life more active and to increase your physical activities. It is not necessary that you pay heavy gym fees to exercise and to do proper weight loss instead if your weight is not alarmingly high and you just want to control it then, you can do it by adding some simple thing like you can go out for a walk daily with your family instead of just sitting on the couch and watching TV. No matter that walk is to your local grocery store but it will be lot more active task than just sitting on the couch. Walk is a very important aspect which can help you to reduce and control your weight. There are so many ways which can add some walk in your life for example instead of going to the mall in your car, take a walk, take your dog for some extra outing in nearby park and similar other things can be very healthy for you.

Some people and especially men have this habit of not doing any home chores. This is also an unhealthy life style because house chores like gardening, some light cooking and other similar things which you can do in your weekends are very healthy activities and these activities will increase the physical work out.

These chores will also give you a chance to facilitate your partner and she will feel very happy as you are helping her in her work. Best way to add physical activities in your daily routine is to make a list of everything which you do in one day and analyze that list. If you find yourself sitting around too much then, try and look for some alternate time where you can add some physical activity.

Check Your Eating Habits

Eating is another thing which can impact a lot on your daily life and especially on your weight management. A healthy diet plan can always keep your weight in check and if you are eating without any certain plan then, it will create chaos for your body and will ultimately increase or decrease your weight alarmingly. You need to know that how many calories you are consuming every day. There are lots of different calories meters available which can tell you the exact amount of calories in your daily diet. Following are some of the general trends which you can follow to make your diet plan healthier.

First of all, you need to add more fruit in your diet. Fruit is the healthiest natural diet which you can get and almost every fruit is enriched with different vitamins and these vitamins are available in their purest form in these fruits.

These days, people are very afraid of vegetables and they do not like to add vegetables in their diet because vegetables are not very spicy but you should not be a victim of this trend as it is a very unhealthy trend and you need to add good amount of vegetables in your diet.

Even if you do not like to take vegetables in their traditional form then, add them in some snacks and eat them every now and them with lunch or dinner. You should also try and add a salad with your dinner and lunch.

This is a very healthy habit which can make you to cut your appetite and you will be eating healthier food. Cut the use of fat and try to use some fat free dairy. Try to avoid junk and fast food as much as you can because it is very unhealthy food with full of unhealthy fats.

Chapter 2:

Secrets of Health and Fitness

I will tell you some secret ways of boosting your health and being fit.

– Healthy eating
– Regular exercise
– Stress management
– Alternate health and medicine options
– Sleep well

What’s Behind It

First of all, you need to know that, in order to achieve a healthy and fit life, you must be living a very healthy life with proper and healthy life style. There are some very important ingredients in making your life fit and healthy and without those ingredients; you will not be able to get that precise health and fitness.
Most of the people think that without adapting to a certain tasteless diet plan and working hard in gym, they cannot get a healthy and fit life but this is not entirely true. Although doing exercise and keeping your diet healthy is important but this is not everything which you have to do for maintaining your health.
There are some other secrets which you must know and these secrets are also very easy to implement and execute. No matter how busy your life is but you can always find some time to execute these things which I am going to tell you now.

Healthy Eating

This is well-heard word which almost every person tells you that to get a health and fit body, you need to control your eating habits and make it healthier but no one tells you some easy way to do that. When it comes to healthy eating then, it does not just include eating healthier food but it also includes avoid eating all the unhealthy stuff.

You need to add natural elements like vegetables, fruit, unsaturated fat and unrefined carbohydrates. In start you will find it difficult to integrate these things in your diet plan but with time, you will learn about nutrition values of different diets and it will become lot easier for you to pick up the best diet plan. You should avoid eating junk and fast food because these food items contain unhealthy fat, refined carbohydrates and other similar things which can be very unhealthy and can increase your weight a lot.

Regular Exercise

Another very important thing which is exercise and you must include some sort of exercise in your daily routine. Some people have this misconception that only after joining a gym and paying heavy fee for that gym will give them proper work out routine but this is not necessary and secondly, people do not have that much time these days to go to gym daily. Office routines are very tough and to survive and make it work, you need to work more than 12 hours a day.

You need to find some alternate to that gym. You can add some light walk and jogging either in the evening or you can get up 25-30 minutes earlier than routine and go out for a walk. You can also add some walk in your routine by minimizing the use of car. You often use car for going to grocery store as well as to other routine places but you can avoid that car and go on your foot.

Stress Management

Being stress free is another thing which can give very positive effects in your life. Hectic work routine and no relaxing time can increase the stress level a lot and in lots of cases I have seen people going through sleeping disorder due to this constant stress. To avoid this stress and to minimize its effects, you can adopt some relaxation exercise like yoga or you can option for a massage after every 2-3 weeks.

These methods will help you a lot in decreasing the effects of stress and will make your life peaceful and stress free. When you are less tense then, you will be able to concentrate even more on your work and will increase your overall productivity.

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