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Table Of Contents

Introduction To The Public Domain ……………. 4
Chapter 1: The Public Domain Dissected …….. 7
Chapter 3: Your Journey Into The Public Domain ………….. 13
Chapter 4: Making Money With Public Domain ……………… 21
Digital Distribution (Over the Internet) ….. 22
Manual Distribution ………… 22
Audio …………. 22
Sound Effects 23
Audio Books .. 23
Music ……….. 24
Other Sound Files ………….. 25
Images ………. 25
Documents….. 26
Manually ……. 26
Partially Automated ………… 27
Other Ideas … 28
Public Domain Swipe File ……. 29
Public Domain Resources ……. 36

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Introduction To The Public Domain

If you are an online entrepreneur or marketer and you are looking to develop your very own product line of high quality, valuable material but have very little or time or are on a limited budget and are not able to outsource all of your content creation to seasoned freelance professionals, you will be thrilled at what you are about to uncover.

You’ve probably heard the term “public domain” before, but like many others aren’t quite what exactly the public is all about or how it can benefit you.

Perhaps you’ve overlooked the potential of the public domain simply because you feel as though the information may be outdated or no longer in demand.

Here’s the truth about the public domain however.

It is an incredibly vast library of unlimited content, material and resources that you can tap into any time you like, creating as many products from existing content as you need and best of all, some of the most compelling, moving and inspirational material ever created is available to you, all from within this extensive collection of public material.

The public domain contains timeless classics, collector paintings, artwork, and even plays, poetry, scripts, as well as works of fictions, true crime novels, mystery and suspense stories and countless other valuable creations that are still not only relevant in today’s society, but in demand.

With public domain content, you can revise, publish, modify, compile and create new collections or compilations and sell, use and giveaway this

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