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{First, it’s not every time you notice hair loss that you should be scared to death; some types of hair loss are reversible as well as temporal.|Firstly, it’s true that some kinds of hair loss, such as baldness, can be inherited; but it’s not every person that has a father who is bald that must turn out bald.|First off, it pays to be very vigilant so that whenever you notice you are losing hair, do something about it fast… before it gets too late.|Foremost, hair loss is not such a bad thing; some people make it seem as if their world is coming to an end when they notice hair loss; in most cases it’s nothing serious.|First of all, there are certain treatments that you are on that can cause hair loss; in such cases you would be required to discontinue the treatments.|To begin with, believe it or not – bacteria can interrupt your hair growth process and lead to hair loss; that’s why it’s very important to stay as healthy as you can… all the time.|To start with, the loss of one’s hair can be painful, but it’s certainly not the end of the world because one can go on with his/her life with or without hair loss; but of course, it’s wise to first see if you can reverse the condition before giving up.|First and foremost, I know how frustrating it might be when you start experiencing hair loss, but the good news is that there are lots of cases of hair loss where the condition has been reversed using the right medical treatment.|First things first, the good news with baldness as a kind of hair loss in men is that it can be effectively treated but it can’t be cured; at least not yet!|Before anything else, if you are female and you are experiencing hormonal hair loss, the good news for you is that it’s not a permanent condition and can be reversible and temporal!}

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