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{Also known as the hard disk drive or HDD, the computer hard drive basically stores data.|The main function of the computer hard drive is to store data.|Going by other appellations like HD or HDD, the hard drive of a computer is designed to store information.|All the basic information that is run through a computer system is stored up in the hard drive, which is also called the HDD or the HD for short.|The primary function of the computer hard drive (the HDD or hard disk drive) is simply the storage of information.|A computer ‘guru’ will fondly call his computer hard disk drive a HD or HDD, referring to the device that stores information and data in the system.|The hard drive of a computer may well be considered its ‘brain box’ because it is where all the information that passes through the system stays until when needed.|Without the hard drive, or more appropriately the hard disk drive, you cannot store data in a computer, no matter how good you may be.|A hard disk is to a computer as a warehouse is to trade: everything is stored there.|A computer without a hard disk drive – i.e. the HD or HDD for those who do not know it by any other name – can only process but not store information.} {The least number of hard disk units a system can have is one.|Though most have only one, some computers have as many as three or four hard disk drives.|The hard drives on a computer can number as many as three or even five, though the majority of computers out there have one.|It’s a fact that there are more computers with one hard drive, but several hard disk drives can actually be run on a single computer system.|It might amaze you that some people go as far as to install more than one hard drive on their computer.|Computers can run on more than a single hard disk drive.|Despite the fact that there are usually one hard drive to a computer, there exists computers that is wired to close to ten hard disk drives!|The amount of storage space a computer can use is not limited to all the limited space of a single hard drive.|One hard drive can be linked up with several others to act as the storage facility for a single computer system.|Computers are meant to process data while their hard disk drives store up this data, hence necessitating the need for as much space as can be come about by sometimes even putting together several HDDs.}

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