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Part 1- Hair Loss: Why Me? – (335 Words)
Part 2- Hair Loss: It Can Be A Good Thing – (318 Words)
Part 3- Hair Loss: What To Do About It – (336 Words)
Part 4- Hair Loss Treatments – (364 Words)
Part 5- Preventing Hair Loss Naturally – (341 Words)

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Many individuals will need to seek out some help for their hair loss.  The good news is that there is a good amount of help out there for you to get.  If you are like many, you are ready and waiting to find help to your hair loss problem.  You do not want to deal with the fact that maybe it will stop on its own.  The fact is that this is not likely to happen to most.  Once you start noticing that your hair is falling out in larger amounts then normal or that it is not growing back as it used to, you should talk to your doctor about your needs.

If your hair loss is due to these conditions, you may be able to get some help.

• Childbirth, major surgery, or other health related occurrences within the last six months.  Many times the body’s hormone levels get thrown off during these times and hair loss can be the result of it.  If that is the case, normal hair growth cycles will return once your body gets back on track.
• If you are taking a new medication, it too may be causing your hair to stop growing.  Your doctor may be able to provide you with a different medication that will not cause this.  Chemotherapy will cause hair loss as well.  Once treatments stop, hair generally comes back.
• If you do not have a medical excuse for your hair loss, though, you may be sitting there wondering what you can do.  There are over the counter products such as Rogaine that have shown to be helpful in stopping hair loss as well as helping the hair to begin to re-grow.

Hair loss is something that you are likely going to deal with.  If it is a medical treatment, you may be able to stop it from getting worse.  If you are not one that is ready to give up their hair just get, talk to your doctor about finding out what is causing your condition and then work on these aspects to determine how it can be fixed.

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