Guide To Animal Assisted Therapy PLR Ebook With Audio

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Table of Contents

Introduction 4
Why Pets? 5
What You Will Learn 6
Chapter 1 – Mental & Psychological Benefits of Owning Pets 7
What We Learned 9
Chapter 2 – AAT In Practice 11
AAT Defined 11
AAA Defined 12
Studies Involving The Use Of Animals For Therapy 12
How It Works 15
Types of AAT Programs 17
Targeted AAT Programs 18
AAT Applied 19
Pet Therapy and Children 21
Why Does AAT Work? 22
AAT and Counseling 25
What We Learned 26
Chapter 3 – How to Become an AAT Specialist 28
Standards Of Care 28
What We Learned 30
Conclusions 31
Resources 33
National Organizations 33
References 36

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A dog truly can be a man (or woman’s) best friend.

Undoubtedly, you are a beloved pet owner if you are reading this book. Or, you might be someone interested in AAT and interested in adopting a pet. Either way, you can benefit from the information provided in this informative and easy-to-read guidebook.

Animal Assisted Therapy, or AAT as some call it (also known as pet therapy) involves the use of animals including dogs to assist people with disabilities or special needs. Many pet owners refer to AAT informally when they describe how their “pets” provide them with comfort, support or physical assistance when needed.

Pets are very common in modern homes, and for good reason. Historically human beings have used pets for centuries for various purposes, including as friends, family members and helpful hands in times of need.

If you own a pet, then chances are you are already familiar with the many benefits of owning a pet. Pets are wonderful for soothing a sad spirit, for getting you up and going in the morning, for “talking” with you when you feel lonely, and for supporting you when no one is available to visit. If you don’t own a pet but have an interest in one, or an interest in AAT, you are about to learn just how helpful having a pet can be for your wellness and quality of life.

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