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Introduction Page 3
Method #1: Amazon To Ebay Page 4
Method #2: Cross-Selling On Ebay Page 9
Method #3: Reselling The Big Bucks Page 18
Take Action Page 23

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Here’s my Ebay powerseller account screenshot showing $6192 made in 30 days:

Here’s my new Amazon account, I’ve made over $15,500+ in 30 days!

Okay so my profit off of $21.5k is actually around $6k. Not bad at all though for 30 days…wouldn’t you say so?

Alright, I have three great strategies that you can use to make some good money selling physical products online. Let’s get started!

Method #1 – Amazon to Ebay

Admittedly; this strategy may take a little longer to make money (depending on how long your listing takes).

Nethertheless; it’s still a great way to build some quick, and easy cash! 🙂

“I don’t have anything to sell”, I hear you say. Don’t worry.

With this strategy, you don’t need to go and find things that are “lying around” your house. “I don’t have any money to buy things”. Don’t worry.

You are going to be listing things on Ebay that you find on Amazon.

Then, when someone buys something from you – you can then get their money; go over to Amazon, and buy their item for them. (While keeping a portion of the money). Essentially, you are the middle-man.
You find something on Amazon that you see is selling for more on Ebay, and “move” it over. You increase the price of the product from the original Amazon price, and keep the difference.

Ok, so let me show you a quick example:

Here is a product I found that sells for $28.51 on Amazon.

Oh look – the same product on Ebay, which is selling for $42.99

That’s $14.48 more than on Amazon. Therefore, if you went to Amazon – found this product, and then moved it to Ebay; you could make $14 per sale (minus fees).

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