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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Gratitude Basics
Chapter 2:
How Gratitude Fits In With Abundance
Chapter 3:
Deciding What To Be Grateful For
Chapter 4:
How Gratitude Works With Abundance
Chapter 5:
Getting In The Right Mindset
Chapter 6:
The Difference Between Positive And Negative Mindset In Gratitude
Chapter 7:
Turning Bad Days Into Gratitude Days
Chapter 8:
How Gratitude Can Change What you Attract
Chapter 9:
Advantages And Disadvantages
Chapter 10:

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Chapter 2: How Gratitude Fits In With Abundance


Once you develop an attitude of a sincere attitude for all the blessing you receive, this unleashes the power for you to receive even more than you already have.

Having the feeling of gratitude essentially means taking nothing for granted and giving thanks about the abundance in life that you have obtained. Gratitude actually fits in with abundance in various aspects. As a famous writer says, “ A lot of people are trapped in the state of poverty by having lack of gratitude.” Abundance always goes with gratitude because we can always attract great wealth as well as abundance with the power of gratitude.

How It Fits

The word “thank you” means a lot of things and these are actually the most perfect words that you have to say for just everything. Many people today are wondering why their life is not really abundant, why many good things don’t happen to them, why aren’t they completely happy. There are a lot of “whys”.

Many people are living in a life full of complaints. This is actually one of the main reasons behind your lack of abundance in life. If you always see things negatively, you will never appreciate the good things you possess and the blessing you receive.

Once you start looking at everything in your life as a blessing and as good things to be grateful for, then your life will become meaningful and you will be happy. Your sense of gratitude will bring great abundance that you have been dreaming of. The way you see life, the way you think about the things around you, make a huge difference about how abundant you are in your life today.

The feeling of gratitude is really powerful and it an essential part of your life that has the ability to bring yourself to the things you want. When you start looking and focusing your own energy on being truly grateful, you bring real abundance in your life.

Life is full of blessings. It is filled with a lot of things that you need and you desire. We just really complicate it with our negative thought patterns. Once you open your eyes for the best things around you and for all the simple things that can be great for you, you can see how rich you are and how abundant your life really is. Gratitude always fits in with abundance. They primary key towards obtaining real abundance in life is through learning to become grateful even in though you are living in an ungrateful world.

Chapter 3: Deciding What To Be Grateful For


There are a lot of things around us to be grateful for; it’s just a matter of appreciating the blessing you receive and acknowledging how blessed you for having them. Educating yourself for the feeling of attitude actually means taking nothing for granted and giving value to whatever you posses. Practice the attitude of never putting off n action or the word for the expression of your gratitude.

Many individuals tend to take for granted the things that are present in their lives. There is actually a gratitude exercise instructing us to imagine losing few of the things that you are taking for granted today such as your family, your home, as well as your ability to hear and see, to walk or just anything that is currently giving you comfort.

Imagine losing them and then imagine that you are getting each of them back every day. Think how thankful you would be when it happens and when each one is given back to you.


Starting finding happiness even in those small things you posses rather than holding out for great and big achievements like getting job promotion, having a baby or getting married. There are a lot of things to be grateful for.

When you wake in the morning, be thankful for the life you have for another day. Your happiness always depends on how you view life itself and how you see your life today. If you begin to think that there are much more things to be grateful for, you will see how happy your life will is.

If you want to fully appreciate life and your existence, you have to be really mindful about even those little things around you. A butter that flies around you that make you feel good, the food on your table, your good health – these things might be very simple for you, but if you begin to acknowledge them as blessings, your life will become happier.

Use gratitude in order to guide you in putting things in their right perspective. If everything around you seems wrong, and if things do not go the way you want them to be, bear in mind that in every problem and difficulty carries inside it the seeds of a greater benefit.

When you are facing any challenge in your life and when you are in the face of great adversity, just ask yourself about the good things that you can get from it. Understand how you can benefit from a certain situation.

When you begin to appreciate life and even the small things that may happen to you, you also begin to create a life of happiness, harmony, contentment and bliss. If you are experiencing a difficult situation, never think of it as a burden or a punishment. Be thankful about the trials that you are facing because they can make you even stronger. Be grateful for your problems because they make you a better individual.

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