Affirmations For Success: A Guide To Empowering And Motivating Yourself To Achieve Success With Dail Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Lowdown On Affirmations

Chapter 2:
Why Changing Your Outlook Is Crucial

Chapter 3:
How Affirmations Are Key To Altering Your Behavior

Chapter 4:
Setting Goals To Put Into Affirmation Form

Chapter 5:
How To Write Affirmations Correctly

Chapter 6:
How To Use Affirmations Correctly

Chapter 7:
Why You Need To Visualize

Chapter 8:
Mistakes To Avoid With Affirmations

Chapter 9:
Some Positive Affirmations You Can Use

Chapter 10:
How Success Can Fall Short Without Affirmations

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:
The Lowdown On Affirmations

The daily practice of affirmations is a good thing to exercise. Affirmations help to build a person up if done with the positive intention of doing so. However sometimes affirmations can work to give the opposite results.

The Start Point

One way of exercising the technique of affirmation is through the spoken statement. Verbalizing positive statements to describe and relate to a particular theme would be very effective if it is done consistently and continuously.

When the affirmation is verbalized often the subconscious mind absorbs it and produces a positive response. However too much affirmation where it is really not merited will cause an individual on the receiving end of the affirmation to be over confident and even egoistical.

Using the affirmation technique is a great way to motivate one’s self or those around them. When in a desperate or crisis situation this helpful way of keeping a level and focused mind set is an asset.

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