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What Are Give Away Events & How Do They Work?

In a nutshell, Give Away events are like online swap meets. Many people come together with their own free products to give away. The premise is that the value of everyone involved will be what pulls people in the first place.

Generally, the host of the Give Away event invites partners, who are primarily list owners in the same niche, to contribute a digital product of some kind as a gift.

The host of the event then pools all the gifts contributed collectively by the partners in one page or member’s area. This is where the visitors will go to download any gifts of their choice, and each product they click on will go to the product’s individual sign up page. (This is one of the things we will discuss to beat the competitions opt in rates).

You and your partners prepare an opt-in page for visitors to sign up to your mailing lists to download the gifts. So in a real essence, anyone who wants to download your gift must opt into your mailing list to download your gift.

While the gifts are given away at zero-cost, the only requirement is that the visitors must sign up for your mailing list to receive them.

On the launch day and during the limited time event, you and your partners endorse the Give Away event to your individual mailing lists and through other promotional methods. This is very important because the more people you bring in, the better the location of your product. Say you have invited 100 people who each signed up for the free Give Away event, your product may be placed on the first page compared to someone who hasn’t promoted and he is on page 11 of the downloads.

Who do you think would get the most traffic? Aside from that, the host of the Give Away event will most likely offer a one time offer, which you will earn commissions on. This is another reason you want to invite people to these giveaway events.

In this collective effort, as long as your gift is displayed there with a link to your special opt in page to download the product, and people are interested in it, you can receive plenty of signups in a short time span!

In the coming pages, I will teach you a good approach that most people take, and a better approach that will blow away your competition.

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