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Introduction: Building Your Mailing List the Smart, Easy Way

Dear Aspiring Mailing List Builder,

Hi and thank you for your investment in this manual. Within the coming pages, I trust you will find this ingenious list building concept as inspiring and brain-frying as it was for me.

Granted, that this list building concept isn’t exactly new, as it has been practiced in Internet Marketing for a couple of years by now. However, several mailing list owners and beginning eZine publishers remain clueless as to how to build their list of subscribers intensively.

Most list owners have lost fortunes to ineffective methods in pursuit of list building while others who are on the breaking-twines budget simply cannot afford to risk rediscovering mistakes.

You are probably one of them.

If you fancy the idea of building your list intensively in a short period of time, then this manual is for you.

List Building in a Nutshell

Obviously, it is every list owners wish to build their mailing list and consistently add subscribers to their database. The Internet Marketing success formula is simple:

Targeted Subscribers = Prospects = Potential Customers

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