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Table Of Contents

Starting a Gift Basket Home Business 3
Business Plan 3
Types of gift baskets 4
Inventory 4
Creating A Gift Basket 6
Steps to creating a gift basket 6
Supplies 7
Putting it all together 7
Baby Gift Baskets 9
What to fill the basket with 9
Other gift ideas are 10
Food Gift Baskets 11
Food Basket Ideas 11
Gourmet Gift Baskets 13
Gourmet Basket Ideas 13
Types of Gourmet Gift Baskets 14
Unique Gift Baskets for the Home Business 16
Unique Gift Baskets Ideas 16
Holiday Gift Baskets 19
Holiday Gift Baskets ideas 19
Gift Baskets Themes 19
Corporate Gift Baskets 20
Spa Gift Baskets 22
Popular Items for Spa Gift Baskets 22
Custom Gift Baskets for Your Personal or Corporate Clients 24
Custom Gift Baskets Ingredients 24
Wine Gift Baskets for Your Home Business26
Potential Wine Baskets Ideas 26
How to Sell Gift Baskets 28
Potential Gift Baskets Customer 28
Widening Your Customer Base 29
Gift Baskets Supplies Vendors 30

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Starting a Gift Basket Home Business

The talk around the home business water cooler is that the gift basket industry is THE booming home business and will gross more than $3 billion in sales as more independent business-minded individuals discover this fun and in-demand business. There are many markets for these gift baskets. Corporate America joins the personal sales craze and spurs on the projected sales estimate.

Many moms, teachers, and home decor buffs have long understood the allure of gift basket giving as a terrific way to present a recipient with many gifts in one container that is decorated and usually based on a theme. Now, corporate America is getting into the rush of basket giving euphoria because it satisfies the need to say thanks for the business, or thanks for the quality work, or you are very appreciated in our company.

All of these reasons create the demand that is such an essential part of home business success. Now, how do you capitalize on the demand for a product? You do that by understanding the markets you will be serving. Discover the why the customer will buy and meet it with attractive, affordable gift baskets. A gift baskets home business is the answer to meeting the demands of these two markets.

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