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Table Of Contents

How to Enjoy “Same Night” Sexual Encounters

How to Persuade Women Into Threesomes or More!

How to Date Exotic Dancers / Strippers

How to Seduce Younger Women

How to Become a Master of Female Orgasms

Get Her Addicted To You

Turn A Good Girl “Bad”

Sex Foods & Stimulants: How To Be A Rockstar In Bed

TEXT Seduction: Use “Text Messages” to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed!

High On Sextasy: How to Satisfy Your Lover Every Time

Seduction Secrets for Men: How to Seduce Women Anywhere, Anytime

Dirty Secrets of the Pickup Artist

How to Become a Gigolo – Or Just Seduce Like One

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5 Tricks to Get Her Thinking “Dirty” Thoughts (About You)

So… you’d like to get a woman to start thinking naughty thoughts…”dirty” thoughts… sexual thoughts… about you.

It seems like a tall order, doesn’t it? Especially when most men aren’t able to get anywhere with attractive women.

As soon as men even remotely bring up the subject of sex, they usually get shut down by women. The women seem to cringe, look at the men weird, or even (immediately) label them as “perverts” who are only thinking about getting her naked.

And yet, there are a small group of men out there, who can talk to these same women… and have them thinking – and even fantasizing – about sex.

And…these men are then able to effortlessly slide themselves into the women’s fantasies as well.

If you’d like to join the ranks of this small group of men, I have good news…

It’s actually quite easy to get a woman to start thinking naughty/dirty thoughts about you… IF you know what to do, and follow the right sequence.

In this report, I’ll give you just five of my favorite ways to get her mind “in the gutter” – on purpose…anytime you want…

Turning Up the Heat

Most guys make the mistake of bringing up the subject of sex too early in the game. Or, they bring it up at the wrong times, or often too abruptly. This is because they just don’t know how to introduce this subject.

More importantly, men often tend to surprise the woman, when bringing up something sexual in nature. The subject always seems to come out of left field, and the woman is caught off guard, left feeling self-conscious, and often lost for words…or even disgusted or offended.

The process of turning up the heat in her mind should be approached in the same way you would turn up the heat in a room.

If the temperature of the room you and she were sitting in was currently at a comfortable setting… not too hot, and not too cold… then suddenly cranking up the heat by 10 degrees would become uncomfortable and unpleasant very quickly.

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