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Table of Contents

Domain Name And Hosting Solution …….5
Blogs: Then And Now6
The Possibility Of Making Money From Blogging……..7
What To Blog About…8
Chapter 1: Don’t Bore Your Audience To Death: How To Write Content
That Sells10
Informative, Engaging, And Unique…….10
Killer Content .11
Regular Posts 12
Chapter 2: Maximizing Your Blog Design and Usability ………15
Free Themes .15
Blog Logo…….16
Designing Based On What You Want Your Visitors To Do .16
Convincing Subscribers …..17
Showcasing The Best Content ….18
Common Usability Blunders To Avoid …18
Chapter 3: How To Forge Relationships With Your Audience, and Why Do
You Need To ….20
Chapter 4: Don’t Let It Just Sit There, Promote Your Blog!….23
Exchange Links …….23
Write Blog Comments……..24
Guest Blog…..25
Use Social Networks25
Use Social Bookmarking Sites…..26
Promote Killer Content…….27
Chapter 5: Now, Here’s How You Make Sure Money From Your Blog ……27
Establish Authority First …..28
Earn From CPM Ads29
Use Google Adsense………29
Profit From Sponsorships And Direct Advertising……30
Try Affiliate Marketing ……..32
Bank On Email Marketing..32
CONCLUSION: Make The Most Out Of Your Blog ……33

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If you have to start from scratch with blogging, it is important that you know the basic things involved in it, such as domain name and hosting, the software to use, how to earn from blogging, and what to write about.

Domain Name And Hosting Solution

You need a domain and a hosting solution for your blog. and often provide a good introduction to blogging without costing money. Once you’re familiar with the basics of blogging, you can confidently spend on your own domain name and web hosting package.

You need your own paid hosting services so you can be assured that the website will not shut down your blog if you ever violate their policies. You will also enjoy more features and flexibility with your own hosting account, so you can use special scripts, content management system, and other features for your blog. Most of all, a domain name of your own will boost your credibility as a blogger.

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