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OK, so here goes… No fluff no filler just a straight method for getting 1500+ visitors every single day. We all know that without traffic a website is sunk so this method will show you how to get a shed load of traffic completely on auto-pilot.

The first thing you will need to do is to sign up for a Netlog account.

Spend some time making a great looking profile, think about what is going to appeal to people and definately make it look human.

What you don’t want to do unless you are happy using proxies and clearing cookies before every visit, is to create more than one profile. This is a very easy way to get banned from Netlog.

Ok, so you have your profile replete with fluffy bunnies and pictures of your yorkie pup, etc, etc…

Next thing is to write a blog post, everyone who visits you page will check out your blog and your links. Add the link to your homepage in your blog. Make it a fully formed link with the http part like

When it comes time to save the blog make sure you agree to share the link as a favourite link. This will place it at the top of your profile.

You can spend some time over your netlog profile, setting skins and so forth, remember the traffic generation part is completely automatic so you won’t have to spend time on that.

So, we now have a profile which will attract people, add a nice looking skin and some nice pictures to your profile. There is no need to make your profile a sexy girl but that depends on how you are going to try and monetize this method. If you are going to be directing randy guys to your livecam affiliate link then obviously you will need to set yourself up as a sexy girl.

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