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Sometimes you can locate hot spots just by finding what’s hot in a specific industry. For instance, if you look at the above list, you’ll see more topics on finance and loans than anything else. Well, the economy has been a top issue since 2008 and it’s not surprising to see more people interested in that area than others. So, if you know what’s going on in certain areas of the markets out there, you already have a good idea of where to get great hot spot ideas to research.

We’ll go over a number of rich areas to investigate, as you think up your own hot spots to start your Internet marketing venture.

• Beauty Image is very important in our culture and this goes along with anti-aging that is becoming more important for baby boomers. It’s a very good place to start and has lots of potential for products to market and affiliate offers. The types of things that might be marketed in this niche are: cosmetics, hairstyles, plastic surgery, anti-aging programs, and more.

• Success This area is about creating an aura of accomplishment and learning how to be successful in life through motivation programs, inspirational guides, tips to make money, network better, or just project an image of success.

• Organizational You would not believe how many people want to find ways to organize their lives so that they either have more time, less stress, or just a way to fit everything that they do or own into their lives neatly. This is a good area for office supplies and calendars, but don’t think you can’t go further with it. You can sell things for organizing every room in the household, plus the closets!

• Getting Hired Unfortunately, with unemployment being over 4% in the United States, there are many, many people looking for a job. When that happens, you can bet they are online trying to figure out ways to get hired. They might be looking for tips on how to dress, how to interview, resume or job listing services. You can use that to develop an authority site that can sell some services for the job seeker too or put hiring people in contact with people who are looking, like . Then, you can have a huge audience that will be highly attractive to advertisers.

• Health and Wellness If you haven’t got your health, you’ve got nothing, right? The topic of health and wellness never goes out of style. This niche is so wide, that you really have to specialize and lucky for everyone, you could specialize forever and never be done. So, think about this from the viewpoint of every type of health and wellness possibility out there: alternative health, supplements, exercise programs, disease prevention, medical information, or diets. It really is a very big field and you can even target it specifically to one condition or disease and do multiple sites for different conditions or diseases. On top of informational products that you can sell, this is a big area to sell other health aide products online.

• Entertainment Like health and wellness, this topic never goes out style too. People like to be entertained and distracted from their troubles. It can involve something as simple as a computer game to something as luxurious as an exotic vacation trip. You can even sell accessories that help people fantasize about how they will be entertained in the future too, as well as selling products that do it now. You can sell online tickets, events, music downloads, books, and vacation packages online.

• How To This is a very popular type of niche. People get online to find out how to do things. They want to learn and be educated. They want to find a new skill or talent. So, it’s a great area for online classes, workshops, informational products, forums, groups, how-to videos, and training seminars. All you have to do for this particular area is to figure out a very popular thing that everyone wants to learn how to do.

• Self-Improvement Aside from success-oriented improvements in life, people also like to improve themselves for the pleasure of becoming better people. So, this area can be anything from motivational tapes to hypnosis to stop smoking. It can include spiritual information to help people improve their character or religious ideals. It’s all set up to help people develop their inner being to the highest potential. For that, the area is best for informational products or classes and seminars. However, you can also sell aides like motivational tapes, books, and on occasion, even some unique self-improvement aides.

• Leadership All kinds of people either are seeking to get into leadership positions or are already there. They make the perfect audience for the types of products to guide them into how to be an effective leader. This can include information on networking, communication, education, and coordination skills that leaders need to develop. You can also sell tools that help them organize people better or schedule tasks more easily.

• Satisfying A Craving This deals with people undergoing particular programs that denies them a satisfaction. Like when people try to quit smoking, they need to distract their minds and they sometimes need products to take the place of the craving like gum or sweets. When people are dieting, they also might have similar cravings for sweets, fats, or alcohol. Then, you can offer products that will fall within the guidelines of a diet plan, but satisfy the craving non-the-less. These tend to be a bit trendy, but can yield quick profits, like in the case of the Atkins diet, which spawned an entire industry of low carbohydrate foods, plans, menus, and books, for people on it.

• Home-based Businesses With high unemployment and gas prices, more and more people are looking to get into home-based businesses. This can be a great place to sell infoproducts on different ways to develop a home-based business. You can also sell to people already doing it like people who help people deliver their eBay sales to customers for a commission. You might even want to have templates and programs that appeal to home-based business people who have to learn all about running their own part-time business.

Any topic that you become an expert on can be mined to find the hot spot within it using the techniques found in this book. You can even convert a hobby you have into a very profitable Internet marketing opportunity and take advantage of skills and knowledge you already have. Maybe you are an avid fly fisherman. There’s no reason you can’t research that topic to see how to sell products online and use keyword phrases to generate money for you. Then, you get the best of both worlds: a profitable plan to use a hot topic for Internet marketing and the joy of working in an area you already love anyways! That’s how you combine both your passion and your intelligence to create opportunities that speak to your soul, while generating a healthy bottom line.

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